How to make the hunger games!

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How to make the hunger games!

So, first, load out in gimkit. You want to make the spawn area they have in the Hunger Games, that little circle.
Next, you want to put the loot they collect. You can make it a weapon, or anything you would like. Do that, then I recommend putting Inventory Item Managers by the weapon to make it that they can only collect 1 weapon. It is important you do that, because it wouldn’t be fair if people ran out of ammo and switched to another weapon and automatically won the fight. It should look like this.
(Dont mind the teleporters by the spawn pad, its for my hunger games remake.)
Next, put a Zone. Go to the setting for it and on the first page, turn off Gadget Fire. This is to make it fair.

Next, make the zone as big as you want your spawn area to be. Now, lets get started with the districts/biomes.
My hunger games does not have 13 districts, and we also called them biomes, to make this unique. The reason it doesn’t is because I wouldn’t have enough memory for it, as the finishing result used 95% memory. Here is an example of a biome/district you can make, a snowy one. I would recommend putting normal green trees surrounding the spawn first, then make a entrance.
You can also make people who sell stuff like weapons, too! If you want to make a trader, look at this helpful guide made by somebody else! You can also make loot crates! Not like crates where you have a chance to get random OP loot, but one where you can find it deserted and they give you 1 certain item. This is how you can make them. Add a wooden box, put a button by it, make the button say “Interact with the box?” Then wire this to a item granter.
Make the item granter give you 1 of the things you want to give, and if its a weapon, as i said before, put a inventory item manager by the weapon and make it that you can have a maximum amount of 1.

Now, you can do that with other biomes too. But, if you want, you can make an area where if you die, you get sent to an area where you cant play, or you spectate! For that, use this Among Us guide and go to the dying section of that guide! What I also did, to revive, you can make a maze for them to go back to life, but it is VERY hard. This is how mine looks like, and to make a maze, I will make a guide for that soon!

The sentries are for you to escape and try to survive in the maze, they aren’t done yet. Like I said, you should make the maze really hard, so they don’t revive instantly! This maze was made by my friend, and I tested it, it takes 8 minutes on average to complete! We tested it with all the developers (My friends), and it took them 8-10 minutes to finish. It should be hard like that, and you should test it with friends!

Now, if you want to make secret areas you can teleport to, so you can buy secret weapons or other stuff, this is how!

Put down a button that is invisible (it can be visible if you want), and make it say “Enter the ____?” or “Interact with the _____” The blank space is for what you want it to be.

Then, place a teleporter, and wire the button first then the teleporter second. It should look like this.
Then, for the teleporter, use the 2 settings “Group” and “Target Group”. Make the Group say “____ 1”, thats what I did, use the blank as the name of the interaction, for Target Group, name that the place you are teleporting to. I recommend making that the number 2, to make it not confusing, and put the interaction name before the number. For the other teleporter to go back, do the same thing, but the opposite!

That should be it, a simple and basic way to make the Hunger Games in Gimkit Creative. Hope you enjoy!


nice essay guide!
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Lol, thanks. This is my first guide, my next one should be how to make a maze!

Nice guide, looks like you really put the time and effort into it. Btw, you did the screenshot wrong.

You know for guide you could to < ins > to make it red green, right?

how do i do the screenshot? i clicked the button for it i think

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ik, i use red and green for effect

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Nice first guide!

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Its fixed, thanks for telling me about the issue


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Nice! Can’t wait to see more of your work
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@NavyCatZ @NavyCatZ are you ok with Gimsolver’s… ye

i think i made a mistake, my photo includes the code, and im still in game working on it.

oh well… nothing could go wrong right?

noice guide! this’ll help at sometime…

Nice Guide!

It wouldn’t be unfair. That’s how the real Hunger Games worked.

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About that too… The Hunger Games don’t work like that…

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Yes i understand but as i said in the post i said i wanted it to be unique

it would be unfair for the players as many would rage

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