What part of the book should I base the first part of my Hunger Games Gimkit off of?

So…I’m almost ready to start. I need a chapter idea to start with! Thanks to everyone very supportive and informational. I am still looking for ideas and designs, so my other post is still open for discussion. Hunger Games Ideas & Designs


I made The Hunger Games and based it off of the Catching Fire. If you are doing the first book, I suggest always starting where they go off to fight.


Ok. What kinds of designs did you do for yours? (This goes for anyone. I am willing to take ideas and designs from other gimkits to add too!)

I would start it as everyone starts around the horn, and then the game starts and the Hunger also starts.

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Good idea. Any design or colours/items for this particular part?

Just the Cornucopia, having a button where you can teleport to a room with a clock. And like what @Grey_Stone just said, have 24 spawn pads(TWENTY-FOUR) around it

Maybe grey/gray for the starting pedestals. Then a wooden horn.

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This helps A LOT! Thanks @Blizzy

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Does anyone have an idea on how to make a real cornucopia with art? Just curious. Looking for easy ideas to start with.

Didn’t I just send a link…

Wait do you mean real-life art?

Barriers, text, or props.

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Sorry…Just exploring my options! I’m still tryna figure stuff out. I may likely use that idea still.

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You can definitely use barrier art. It’s one of the most reliable types of art, only second to prop art