How to make music in GKC (WIP)

There is a few things that Gimkit Creative does not have that normal Gimkit game modes do, and one of those things is music. And after 6 months of Gimkit Creative’s release, I believe I found a way to add, or at least make music. This is by using terrain. Yes, terrain. And I know most of you are asking, “How do you use flooring and walls, to make music?” and I say by sounds. Have you ever noticed that when your gim walks on certain terrain, is will make a noise. For example, walk or metal or catwalk and it will make a sound that sounds like you are walking on, well, metal. Many terrains make noises, like metal, sand, grass, etc. But not every type does, which limits the diversity, and creativity to create your own music. You can’t 100% make music, but you can make beats. And by doing this you get a form of music, one that can be made into Gimkit Creative. This is a big, yet small discovery, but one that may be important. The only way to make this work is by making the floor that you are using is a certain order, one that will make a musical beat, and use that and the floor all over your map. And as a designer, it pains me to say this but, to make this work you will need to forget the nice floor you made, and add this, not so good looking floor. But you get music, so its a 50/50. There is no specific order on how to do this, just how you want it to sound, and use the terrain that makes the noise you want and add different types of terrain to make your beat. if you wish to try this, and make a beat that you like, you can add a Hidden Detail tab on this post with a screenshot of your beat(aka terrain order) and say who it was made by. I will add a list of the terrain that makes noise soon. But overall, this is a discovery, one of the few that has been found that has been right there this whole time, just overlooked.

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Nice guide, @WolfTechnology
This is actually very cool. I have done this before and it does work.
Great work!

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pictures could help Nice guide though!

Wow i’ve always muted Gimkit so I’ve never heard it. I’ll try it out, it might help with my rhythm game.


Thats great, I just thought I would share this after receving an email on how to make music.

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Thats why it is a wip, I am having to find all the terrain that works, and then add images, but thanks for the idea.

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understood :+1:

This is an interesting way to add music to maps, without using something like a music video on Youtube blaring in the background. (Although I guess that would work too). Very cool guide!


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Thanks. Now I can start posting my own ideas and all that stuff lol. Although quick question, how did you know that I was new here?


Welcome to the community @I_Am_Bigfoot! And thanks.

it says a little thingy on the top that says welcome you to the community lol

Ohhhhhhhhh lol that makes sense now

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havent seen ya in a while @WolfTechnology ! nice guide i never had sound on in gkc so i dont experiment with music much

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Yeah I was on fall break, but I am back. I could never leave the forum.


You could also have sentries that fire weapons to make beats!

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You could, but it would depend on the sentries difficulty and the reload speed.

overlapping very similar reload speeds could drag out notes, possibly?

They could… Idk I will have to look into it, that and which gadget they use effects the sound too.