The Sounds of Gimkit


In order to make music in GKC one must understand the sounds of Gimkit which is what I am here to talk about today. First we can talk about something relatively simple, the sounds of weapons. Most weapons contain three sounds that I classify as Launch, Land and Load the three Ls (Snowball doesn’t have Launch). The “launch” sound is the sound that the weapon makes when the weapon fires which every weapon has excluding the Snowball Launcher. The “Land” sound is the sound that the weapon makes when colliding with something. The “load” sound is the sound that the weapon makes when reloading. With these basics, one can now understand how to use weapons to make sound but now what about other sounds? I will now include a list of the available sounds in GKC. You can play around with these sounds in order to try and make some cool beats.

The Table of Sounds

  • Item Picked Up (Item Spawner)
  • Item Purchased (Vending Machine)
  • KOed (Player and Sentry)
  • Wooden Wand 3Ls
  • PML 3Ls
  • Zapper 3Ls
  • Snowball Land, Load
  • Slingshot 3Ls
  • Evil Eye 3Ls
  • Quantum Portal 3Ls

Nice guide! If people want to know more about sounds, this would useful!

nice guide!

You can also use different terrain to make sound, like in this guide!

We were testing that here, and were having problems making it work.

Yes I tested it also and I could not find a point where the terrain actually made sounds.

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Certain ones did, but that is a different topic that made a lot of arguing so lets not start that again.

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Yes, agreed. Do you have any ideas for how to time the firing of the sentries?

Show/hide a sentry on another team to a beat.

Yes sounds like a good idea that might be usable on some beat games sort of like piano tiles.

Nice Idea! I might use it for one of my games!

You can use a timer to activate and deactivate sentries to allow them to fire on beat.