How to add music to your gimkit games

Two types of music guide

Premade music

Ik this guide is reallllyyyyy simple.
Items you will need:
None! :grin:

Ok press the settings button
Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 10.15.28 PM
Now go to map settings

Look at featured. Now choose your music!
Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 10.18.34 PM

Make your own

Ok so there are a few devices that make sound. Weapons, vending machines, checkpoints, weapon reloads.
What we can do is wire triggers to different devices activating them.

The vending machine part. There is a starting inventory with 99999999 energy. The triggers have 1 second delay. The triggers wired to the vending machines attempt to purchase. Then wire the last vending machine to the first trigger. The checkpoints are just activated. If you wanted it to go forever you can’t loop it.

Other guides

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How to make music in GKC (WIP)

If you find some more music ways tell me in the comments!



Good guide, @Magenta_Dragon!

Nice guide @Magenta_Dragon! But I think 3 different guides on the same topic is good. So lets not allow any more music guides after this one unless it gets updated.


tbh they should add they you can upload mp3s but i see all the bad reasons why they didn’t add this

Just look at all the maps published…
It’s already chaotic enough :skull:

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That would have a lot of unwanted and wrong things to be posted.


I was wondering why I heard a groovy sound lately :smirk:

Yeah, not to mention if they DID the game would go through moderation hell. Imagine having to go through the entirety of the Wapple Rap

Cool I love this COOL I LOVE THIS cOoL i lOvE tHiS

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I know that I’m necroposting, but to me this sucks. But again I do understand, I wish that at the very least they could have a verification check for the audios added. Like c’mon man, let me add Fjord of Winds (Metal Remix) or Positively Dark - Awakening. :frowning:

Wanna know something weird? Games can put WHATEVER they want in text but they can’t put sounds? I see the reasons but still, ain’t that ironic…

Praying my account doesn’t get taken down as I put some things into the text box to test something.
Upon posting this I’ve realized I don’t know how to modify things.

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if the game isn’t published then it should be fine :thinking:

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