How to make music in GKC (WIP)

Yeah, maybe we’ll have to collaborate on a separate wiki!

We could, I left the guide open for ideas, so you can add your idea, and see if it works.

maybe, but the only issue is showcasing how they sound. I’d guess file links would be the way to with that.

You can record a gif and post it as the sound.

gifs dont have sound lol

You can make them. It depends on which app you use.

yo that is so cool, that’s so smart

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Nice guide! Welcome to the forum, @I_Am_Bigfoot !

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Thanks, and thank you @Code.

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I like the idea, super creative! But it would be hard to set a different tempo (Presto, Adagissimo, or Prestissimo) because of our walk speed (without setting a different walk speed in editing).

true, so the use of speed modifiers may help fast slow, normall, etc

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You can use wire repeaters to trigger checkpoints at certain times. That could create a kinda music.

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its possible to use a visible barrier that has collision disabled to “cover up” the “mismatched” floor
idk if this works. i dont really pay attention to sound

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Nice Concept Guide!

You might be able to make it with sentries and props, gadgets and teleporters and checkpoints.
With Wire Repeaters of course (except for the player-gadgets part)

Also, is it just me or I don’t hear any sound?
My volume (both Creative and Device) are set to max.

(I know people like @WhereIsMyHat who’d try to make a rickroll out of this…)

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I probably can, it’ll just take me a bit. I think I could mix it with the art I did.


Did you make a guide on the art?

I asked @Grey_Stone tomake this wiki for me before I was a regular and added how to make Rick Astely.

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