Can u add music now?!?!

Go to the gear in the bottom-left-corner, go to map options and set the music to your preference.

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uh yeah it’s a new update and to add it do what haiasi said

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oh rillyy thats actual cool

cool, I did not know that!

but how do u do it. dont see it on the changelog

@Kadenracer987 Yes you can. You could have done it before with custom music. Now please mark a soultion to close this post to prevent off-topic and clutter.


What do you mean?

gimkit creative changlog when you view all maps. it shows below them

soooo, which one is the best one for a battle royal type map?

It’s this one.
Scroll down a bit.

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It wasn’t but Josh made a annocenment:

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ohhh. did not see that one

The spy music track maybe.

Or the epic battle track.

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No Epic battle would be the best for a battle map, spy is like a escape/survival.

Use this guide it gives recomendations for which type of map should use what track.

Please mark a solution if you have one, @Kadenracer987!

I just told them. Now please delete your post to prevent more off-topic.

Um, I rather not email you or anybody. They haven’t said anything just saying. Now please stop being off-topic. The chances of you being able to go back is slim.


From when this reply was posted:
Yes, you can add music now, just open up map settings and there should be a setting for BGM.