How to add music to your games! Difficulty: 0/10 ⬜️

It is very necessary to do that!

Is there a Don’t Look Down music thingy?

Do we credit someone for finding a button in the menu? We credit people for guides or art they make, not for finding a button.

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Ok, did you think without @Coral we could make this guide?

They would have added it in the update notes, so yes.

Not sure, but you could check with this guide

It’s only that they were the first one to notice

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Well, they haven’t and people who don’t go on the real creative wouldn’t know, so I think it is necessary, Now let’s get back on topic!

This is an amazing guide i didint know they added music untill you posted this and its awsome

Well, it isn’t the most amazing anymore… ahem @getrithekd

Yes, but we don’t need to credit someone for finding it. People would know sooner or later.

@ABCD that is the wrong guide, Gimkit Creative Sound Tracks (WIP) - #7 by AlvinFun

Wdym, I don’t understand

Wait, nvm you are right!

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Now it is fixed! Now @getrithekd do you want to talk to @WolfTechnology about your problem?

Thanks, and what is the problem?

nobody “found out about the music” It was a update, not some sort of easter egg


He says it isn’t important to credit @Coral for discovering the guide!

Yeah. And abcd wants to credit someone for it.

You don’t need to, it was just an update, but you can, it won’t affect anything.