How to Make Flashing Lights | Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩

Hey guys! Another Guide is rolling out! This could help in making Among Us, but of course, I don’t think there is a way to make only the Imposter to be able to see.

Okay, first of all, place a lifecycle. Place a barrier(device), make it 0.7…001 visible, make it black, make it have no border. Place down two repeaters. Both should have settings 0.5 intervals, stopping After receiving on Channel. Also, wire the lifecycle to the first repeater, starting it.

Wire the first repeater to the barrier, hiding it.

Now, place a wire repeater with delay 0.2 seconds. Wire the Lifecycle to the Wire Repeater, sending a pulse, then wire the Wire Repeater to the SECOND repeater, starting it. Now, wire the Repeater to the Barrier, when it runs a task, activate barrier.

You’re done! I hope this is useful!


there is a way to make it only imposter sees with an all other players relay

True. You could use relays to deactivate it.


no, use relays to activate it!

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Oh yeah. That makes sense

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It only activates for team 1. That would work

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the imposter broadcasts something that goes to all other players which activates it.
This would work if you used pseudo-teaming of some sort. or you could do team specifics if you want.


Thanks for the idea. I might make a Sabotaging Lights Guide. Or you could make it. Just give me credit! :grin:

People who adds this:
adds a warning in their lobby saying this has flashing lights


??? What

ik that this is a random question, but how do the team modes in map options work? @NavyCatZ, @WhoAmI

No one will get a seizure unless the lights are flashing rapidly


The team mode most people use (specific team amount) evenly splits people into a certain amount of teams. Split into size splits people into teams with the set amount of people in each team. So if you set it to 4, 24 people will get split into 6 teams. The final team setting which I forgot allows for uneven teams. I’m not sure if it’s a subsetting for “specific team amount” of its own thing, but basically people will be distributed into a team at random, regardless of the number of people in it.

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what about cooperative?

Everyone will be on team one


Yeah. You want one person to be Team 2.

But if you do 0.5 intervals, you probably will get seizures

Nice job, @Blizzy!

you’re making me want to put it on .5 intervals


Could you make it so it would flash and then stop and then flash again??