Phasmophobia Help

The cursed possessions:
a voodoo doll to trigger an interaction with the ghost
a Ouija board to communicate with the ghost
a summoning circle to trigger an interaction
a mirror to see the ghost room
a music box to trigger an interaction
a monkey’s paw to either trigger an interaction or gain a wish of the hunter’s choice
and the tarot cards

(There’s also 5 difficulties to choose from.)

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Tarot cards (set number of them):
Fool (most common): It fakes another card before revealing that it’s a fool.
The sun: sets your sanity to 100%
The moon: sets your sanity to 0%
The wheel of fortune: if it “burns” green, you gain 25% sanity, while if it burns red, you lose 25%
(Sanity affects the likelihood of ghost events and hunts (hunts are where the ghost chases you. If you’re caught, it could jumpscare and kill you).)
The tower: forces an interaction(objects can be thrown around)
The hermit: traps the ghost inside of it’s “ghost room” (where it’s the most active and where it “resides”; most activity; the ghost room can change, and the ghost can still roam everywhere in the place’s bounds ofc; there are multiple maps to choose from)
The devil: a “show ghost” event
Death: triggers a hunt
The Hanged Man: instant jumpscare/death
The High Priestess: either revives a dead teammate or makes you immune from a single death.

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In order to access the tools you could use a pop-up menu. For tools that you can “equip” or constantly use, use a game overlay instead.

EMF Detector: Easy enough, you can use a pop-up to display information and use blocks to make it display different information when the ghost’s activity level is changed.

Night vision cameras/headgear: Use this guide. The darkness should be on by default but obtaining the equipment will deactivate the barriers.

Crucifix: Depends on what you’re using for the ghost. Just make it deactivate the ghost’s mechanic that allows it to hunt.

Book: Same thing with the EMF detector.

D.O.T.S Projector: Make it activate sentries/props.

UV Glowstick: Same thing with the projector.

Flashlight: I would say just let the player have this by default since it correlates with the guide I linked.

Smudge Stick: It’s pretty close to the Crucifix, so perhaps make it so the ghost isn’t as effective at hunting.

Sanity Pills: Make the sanity similar to something like a breath meter or hunger bar, and the pills will increase the sanity.

Spirt Box: Same as the book? I’m assuming that it involves a physical item of some sort so maybe have it grant an item or do the same thing as the book.

Salt: Same thing as Smudge Stick, but after you run out the ghost will be more likely to find you if it has previously gotten close to you while the salt was active.

Lighter: Same with flashlight.


What are the interactions? Do the tarot cards come into effect when you draw them or can you use them later?

(EDITED @NavyCatZ, will add more)
Well, there are singing events, red light events (where the room turns red), hunts too probably, whispering, moaning/groaning, “talking”, roaming, objects/doors touched or moved (detectable by the EMF detectors), footsteps, the breaker turning off (you have to turn it on at the beginning), candles blown, the ghost being detected on DOTS, ghost orbs (not an interaction as much as a clue/evidence, they appear on electronic devices only), events where the ghost would randomly appear (heart races and flashlights flicker), crucifixes activated/used maybe?, “jumpscares”, where the ghost would appear behind you and scare you when you notice them before vanishing, random breathing (that isn’t the hunters’), lights breaking or being flicked off in a certain room (different from the circuit breaker event).
(and in a certain map, the car alarm would blare in the garage. The hunters would need to pick up the car keys to disable the alarm.)

During hunts, the ghost “flickers” in and out of existence, and the hunters should be able to pass through the ghost while the ghost is invisible. I would probably replicate this with a sentry rapidly deactivating and activating once Josh adds the ability to move sentries. @NavyCatZ how should I replicate this right now though?

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Try using this for the red lights…

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I’m assuming the tarot cards come into effect when you draw them. When you draw a tarot card, it’s like the fishtopia pop-up system where there is a random chance of pop-ups and events corresponding with the pop-up occuring.

Fool: Shows the pop-up of a random card but after a second, it opens another pop-up, revealing it to be a Fool.

Sun: Use the set property value block with a property used by a sanity level system.

Moon: Same with Sun.

Wheel of Fortune: Same thing with Sun, but it first goes through a block randomizer.

Tower: So are you saying interactions are like objects the ghost can move around? If so, check the room the player is in using a property and zone system. Depending on the value of the property, a certain channel will be sent that triggers prop animations.

Hermit: Keep the ghost from interacting with the player unless they are in the “ghost room.” After a certain period of time the ghost is free.

Devil: Depending on what room the ghost is in, show/hide a prop.

Death(Hunt System): From the ghost’s current location, after a certain period of time it will advance to a room next to it closest to the player. Repeat until the hunt ends. If the ghost’s location is equal to the player’s, teleport them to a room outside the game as a death box.

Hanged Man: Teleport them to a room outside the game as a death box.

High Priestess: Teleport a random teammate who is inside the room to the spawn point/give the player an item. When the player is jumpscared, the system will check if they have the item. If false, teleport to the death box. If true, -1 of that item. You can either make the likelihood of which event occurs random or let the player choose through call-to-action buttons.



Any instance of audio caused by the ghost: Make a game overlay appear that says “You hear singing”, “Someone is whispering…”, etc. if you are in the same room as the ghost.

Roaming: Make the ghost able to move from room-to-room at a faster pace.

Objects touched/moved: Check the room the ghost is in. Depending on that, send a certain channel that activates/deactivates props. You could also make it activate a button connected to a pop-up that deactivates after the pop-up is closed.

Candles Blown: Activate a black barrier in the ghost’s location.

Ghost being detected by DOTS: Automatically show props representing ghosts.

Ghost Orbs: You can activate previously inactive triggers that are triggered by the zones in the rooms. The triggers will trigger the devices’ pop-up blockcode and change it accordingly.


Also, should the ghost be another player or a sentry? A player would be more versatile, but a sentry would be more accurate.

Maybe you can have two different modes with player or sentry. If you picked one though, I would say sentry unless you are running out of memory.

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How should I replicate these? @NavyCatZ

Ghost Flickering: Every time the ghost moves, there is a random chance of a channel being triggered. That channel will cause the ghost to become invisible and temporarily disable the mechanic that causes the player to die when they go into the same room with the ghost.

I played the game before, and the AI was not accurate, as it missed me 2-3 times before getting me in one round, and 1-2 times in another, so the best match would be a player other than a sentry

Wait, can tag zones be activated/deactivated? If so, the player method might work.

I believe so, let me test it

It can

Randomly appearing ghosts: Make a prop appear in the same room as the player for a second, send a notification to the player, and make the black barrier repeatedly turn on and off.

Crucifixes: Automatically trigger the crucifixes’ effect and grant -1 of it.

Jumpscares: It would take a lot of memory to make another set of zones to make the ghost appear behind the player, so just make them appear in the room for a second before vanishing.

Random breathing: Refer to what I said about audio caused by ghosts.

Lights breaking/turning off: Deactivate buttons that turn off lights and activate black barriers in certain rooms. For the car alarm, the key could be in the same room as the car and a vending machine in the car will disable the alarm. You could also use flashing red lights in these events to make the mood more frantic.

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(This is supposed to be a reply to @4r33.)
Nice! Then we COULD try using a player instead of a sentry. It would be more fun for the ghost, and a more spooky experience than a teleporting sentry. Though we would need to make some interactions happen regardless if the ghost player willingly triggers it or not if the interaction (like the Ouija board) has to happen and be accurate… and we would have to make it so that the ghost player is completely invisible no matter where they are unless it’s a ghost event or a hunt (or any situation where the ghost needs to be visible for a short period of time). And we would need to make sure that when it isn’t a hunt, the ghost player can’t kill. Is this possible @NavyCatZ? (The invisible part at least; sorry for the ping again)

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From what I remember(if I remember correctly) the ghost only goes after one player in a room at a time, maybe use a repeater to deactivate the tag zone, @NavyCatZ , you are better at devices than me, will this work, or, do you need another device to preform this action?

No problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t a method of making players invisible yet. However, invisibits exist in capture the flag and haven’t been added yet. It is likely that this feature will be added in the future.

As a work around for this issue, you could make players’ sight and ability to use equipment that enhances that more restrictive. You could also buff the ghost by making them faster. Balance out however much you want.