How to make in-game shadows without camera views! (Difficulty: 🟧)

The first tutorial of its kind is here!!! Great for horror games and among us!

Items You will need:
Barriers with a 1.00 black tint.
Wire repeaters


High memory usage if using triggers and limit amount of zones.

Making the flashlight

Ok place down zones (without changing the size) down in your area. Like this⬇️

Now get a bunch of black tinted barriers with an alpha of 1.00 and no borders like this. :arrow_down:
Go into layers and put the barrier on top layer. Also make sure the barrier collison is off and set active scope to player.
Wiring Time!
Ok so copy all of the barriers and put them on top of all the zones, one barrier for each zone. Now we want a cross sort of pattern on the flashlight thing. Like this :arrow_down:

(Sorry if that pic is outdated, its from my early tests)
Ok so thats what the end goal should look like. Ok this is the complicated part. Have the zone the player is in deactivate all of the 1st barriers around the player. Player enters zone → deactivate barrier. Also wire the zone to the barriers that the player was just in. Player enters zone → activate barrier. So like this⬇️

(Sorry not the bottom circle):arrow_up:

Ok use wire repeaters with 0 delay to extend wire use in the zones. Ok when player enters zone deactivate all barriers around the player in a 1 barrier distance and activate any barrier over the 1 barrier distance. In the end it should work as when you enter one of the zones the barriers around dissiapear. I couldn’t add a video for some reason.

If wanted to use triggers

You would do the same thing except on a larger scale. The barriers would be the size of the triggers and you would need to deactivate more barriers at time. This option is memory costly, but worth it.

And thats it! If you liked this tutorial drop a like and any suggestions comment them down below! Also I’ll be adding more in the future updating the design! (The reason my name in the pictures was hi it was when i was taking the pics and needed to j0in again because my host gim froze)


This is very usefull. However, it seams to use a lot of memory. Do you think that you could find a way to cut down the use?


You could use channels.


Nice guide!


Is this guide finished?


This guide is helpful.


Nice guide!


No I’m still going to try to improve it. Thats why is a wip

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For among us, you could probably simplify with this with zones in the room you’re in and every room has a giant barrier over them.

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