How to make in-game shadows without camera views! (Difficulty: 🟧)

You could do that

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The problem with is is if there was multiplayer it could badly glitch out unless there is a way for changes in barriers to only apply to you

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Please don’t do a tutorial on that. I would like to. Thanks!

Ok thanks

No you have the scope to player.


The shadows made me bump into things.

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On-topic post here

I was thinking, maybe when the dld rendering device comes out, they could have an option to render shadows. to turn that into a top-down rendering, you could set gravity to the minimum and have a setup of barriers and teleporters. The only problem would be with detecting moving down. Of course, they could add shadows in the normal map options but who knows? (sorry for the rambling)

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Ah! I bumped into my own shadow! Wait, that’s not possible…

Then… what did I bump into???

Oh no…

…Ahh I bumped into the imposter!



You could’ve edited the wiki above…


didn’t see that

What barriers are the ones the player was just in? The ones around it?

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otherwise, nice guide!