I need help making a Gimkit remake of Roblox Doors

Idk how to do a lot of things from Doors.

Are there any specific stuff you need help on? I don’t play robox, so be specific please. Also,

How does that specific game work? If it requires platforming, you might want to wait for the 2D update.

Also, please celebrate. Most of the people don’t play Roblox Doors and don’t really know what to talk about.

Although, i know doors! What do you need help with? Entities like Seek or Figure, or Rush or anything?

Well,I might need help on something like making the lights flicker, if that is possible.

It’s a 3D Roblox Horror Game.

I will see myself out.

You can use wire repeaters to make the lights flash, or use this guide

Detailed Explanation: Doors is a Horror game that well, simply just open doors, and find loot. Although this isn’t just some “walk through doors to beat the game”, you have to walk 100 doors and avoid entities that wants to kill you so you can’t beat the game. If you died, there will be another entity called “Guiding Light” which is friendly, and they’ll try to give you tips so you won’t die to the entity you died to again.

i played doors before, so yeah. however, ambush uses raycasting, which is really hard in gimkit.

Really coarse coord system + black barriers could work.

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both rush and ambush use raycasting, Im not sure about the other entities.

this was 4 months ago

something im using for my own doors map is channels.For an unlocked door, lets say door 2, I put a barrier, turn it brown, place a text saying 002 over it, then place a button. I would make it so when button pressed it transmits on a channel called door2, still on the button, I make it deactivate when recieving on door2. I do the same thing wit the barrier, making it turn off when recieving on door2. This saves memory because wires use a lot of memory. I recommend using channels as much as possible. Another thing, try not to use camera views, they take up a LOT of memory.