How to Make Flashing Lights | Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩

Yes, you could. That’s what this guide does. “Flashing lights” literally says it.

This is cool!
I’ll be sure to use this when I work on my Among Us map again!

(Even though I’m not creating it) This could go well in a FNAF Game!

W simple guides

@Blizzy I changed the difficulty-color-emoji to :blue_square: but if you mean 1/10 I can change it back

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No, I meant so I made it it flashes yea, but I want it to stop for like 30 seconds and THEN start flashing again

Make another repeater wired to a trigger that stops and starts the flashing lights (barriers) respectively.

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It doesn’t work for me, or maybe Im doing it wrong.

What are your wiring?
They should be

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Repeater for the stopping flashing lights system) Start Repeater

(Repeater for the stopping flashing lights system) Repeater Runs Task > (Repeater for the flashing lights system) Stop Repeater

(Repeater for stopping the flashing lights sustem) Repeater Runs Task > (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered > (Repeater for the flashing lights system) Start Repeater

(Trigger) Triggered > Deactivate Barrier

And after this you’d only have a few more Repeaters till you hit the limit so…

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It sitll doesn’t work, this time it just makes the barrier not flicker

You might’ve forgot to add this part


I think I did that, Im pretty sure I did.

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It was blue then, now it’s right

Can you send a screenshot or a video using a video to gif converter?
(Make sure it’s less than 4MB and tweak some settings to make the width and height small)

Ok I’ll send a screenshot.

I also connected the repeaters to the barriers btw

Second Repeater → Trigger(No delay): Repeater Runs Task → Trigger
Trigger(No delay) → 1st Repeater: Triggered → Stop
Same thing to the 2nd Repeater
Trigger(No delay) → Trigger(30 second delay): Triggered → Trigger
Trigger(30 sec delay) → Repeaters: Triggered Start Repeater

ok alr thanks @Blizzy ima try it out

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it flickers for a second stops and doesnt flicker again, ima delete all the wires and try again

Did you remember the

And I mean BOTH Repeaters
Make sure the first wire is from the 2nd Repeater