How to make effects

so right now im working on a cool lighting sword for my zeus boss, but there’s a problem, I want the sword to show effects radiating out of it, do you know anyway I can do that? I need some ideas…

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Maybe use metal poles and flashing lights?

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can I see some pictures? im a visual type of guy

its gonna be tedious and time consuming but you could use looped animation and tinted transparent barriers!

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@Aubec7 If you are moving around, and using the sword/lightning bolt, I’m pretty sure it would be too complicated… And yeah you could use animation if so…

what do you mean, “moving around?”

I’m sorry, I’m on mobile right now but I’ll try to add more details.

Use the Heavy Hammer prop and maybe a horseshoe.

You can make the lighting effect using flashing lights and a randomizer that activates zones that stun and damage you.

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I mean, if you are running around the boss

how do you make “flashing lights”

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ooh nice! thanks for helping me, I have no idea which one to mark solution, the flashing lights basically helped me a ton… but you both suggested it…


Oh yeah @Aubec7 the barrier is 0.7000…1 visible in that guide :slight_smile:

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I don’t really care who you mark for solution

But I definitely would like it…


I’d suggest to mark a solution after around one or two days but if you do decide to mark a solution, you can probably mark @Blizzy, I have over 200 now lol.


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