How to make an accurate "seconds survived leaderboard" for tagging

You will need:
2 Lifecycles
1 Relay
1 Repeater
1 Tag Zone
1 Counter
1 Property

First, wire a 2 separate lifecycle to a repeater. That way when the game starts and when a player joins late the relay triggers on behalf of all players.
Next, wire the relay to a repeater, so when the relay is triggered the repeater will start.
The repeater has to run the task every second. Stop it when receiving on a channel but don’t put a channel name down.
After that, Wire the repeater to a counter, when the task is run, increment the counter. Now wire a tag zone to the repeater. The player gets tagged , stops the repeater. Now place down a property that’s named secs lived. Now in the counter make it update the property secs lived. Put that property in the leaderboard and you’re done!


Nice guide! You should add pictures! Remember pictures are powerful!


Funny how this guide came from a help topic post of yours. It’s a good guide tho.


i know right! when they mentioned a relay on behalf of all players i figured that that was what was missing

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hey did you know- nevermind you just joined

How to make "Seconds Survived" on the Leaderboard

Nice guide! Yeah multiple help posts have asked how to do this…

:rotating_light: REPEATER ALERT :rotating_light:

Use Trigger Clocks that Trigger each other, increment the counter-linked property and deactivate on the channel “when player tagged, transmit on”

nice guide tho

it was just a joke lol @eiqcrmeliutgwhc
they are new tho


ok as i said before, i’m not blaming you for not knowing this:

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um the repeater works fine but that might work better ty

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I already made this… @Beluga_Whale


Yes, that comment has already been stated a few times.

I did not work
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this is a block free glitch free way to do this