A Guide to the Various Types of Loops


Okay, so, say you want to make something happen in GKC. Easy, right? You just hook up some sort of output device to whatever device you want to trigger. But what if you want to make something happen over and over again? Well, that’s probably why you’re here. I will go through the three most common types of loops and rank them at the end by how good I think they are.

The Guide

DISCLAIMER: All of these loops have the same main function and the rankings at the end are based off of MY opinion. Hope you enjoy the guide!

The Repeater Device

This device repeats tasks when started at a selected interval and stops with a selected strategy. It’s main functions are not hard to understand. It doesn’t have a very wide range for the task intervals (0.5 - 600 seconds) and it only has up to eight max concurrent tasks.

Examples of the Repeater and its Options

Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.40.28 PM

Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.41.18 PM
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.41.18 PM

The Wire Repeater Loop

This type of loop is not one, but TWO very simple devices. This type of loop has a much wider range of interval and can limit the loop to a specific team, however, those are the only options. Anything else you want it to do, well, you have to hook it up to something else as an output. Also, once started, this loop cannot stop.

Examples of the Wire Repeater Loop and its Options

Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.51.41 PM

Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.52.33 PM

The Trigger Loop

This loop is much like the previous one but with two triggers. This allows it to have a wide range of intervals, creative ways of stopping and starting, and can even use the block coding mechanic in some devices.

Examples of the Trigger Loop and its Options

Screenshot 2023-12-22 8.04.50 PM


In the end, you can use whatever loop you want. They all have their ups and downs, but my favorite is the Trigger Loop because it is so versatile, uses blocks, and still completes its main function.

The Rankings

  1. The Trigger Loop
  2. The Repeater Device
  3. The Wire Repeater Loop

What About You?

What was your favorite before you read this guide?
  • The Repeater Device
  • The Wire Repeater Loop
  • The Trigger Loop
  • I didn’t know how to use loops
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What is your favorite type of loop now?
  • The Repeater Device
  • The Wire Repeater Loop
  • The Trigger Loop
  • I still don’t know how to use loops and you should improve this guide.
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Thanks for Reading this Guide!

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Nice Guide!
This will help people conserve more memory.
Also, the polls don’t work, you have to remove the blockquotes that include them because you won’t be able to vote.

My Personal Rankings:

1: The Trigger Clock
Very Easy to use, even though it uses more memory than the Wire Repeater, it can do all of the actions and settings a repeater can do, plus a bonus: Blockcode!

2: The Wire Repeater Clock
Very easy to use as well, it uses the least memory and can replace the Trigger in situations where you don’t need as much settings from the Repeater, such as making a Regenerating Health system.
(A Trigger is much more viable if you’re making Health Regen upgrades because of the Activate When Receiving On, Deactivate When Receiving On and the —> Activate Trigger and —> Deactivate Trigger wire options)
Also serves as a node to connect a device to itself.

3: The Repeater
I don’t think I have to explain lol.


Nice guide!

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Wdym, conserve more memory?

The Repeater costs 400 memory and Trigger Clocks/Wire Repeater clocks conserve more memory.

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Ah, ok. Also, can you tell me how to change the text size, like in your earlier post, so that I can make better topics?

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Nice guide! However, I think I remember seeing a guide very similar to this a while back. New types of repeaters have been utilized too, like the property - counter, the wire repeater - counter, the trigger - wire repeater (very helpful), the block code loop, and many more! Anything that can loop back onto itself or reset its own process while transmitting a signal is a useful loop!


I didn’t even know about the wire repeater loop, thanks for the newfound loop!

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Well, yeah. I just wanted to go over the three most common/easy loop types in this guide, but if you want I could research a little more and make a much bigger guide.

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You could add the wire repeater/trigger loop, it’s quite helpful because it takes less memory and can be set to only one team, but you can still do block code in it

It’s in the guide.

Also, you can’t do blockcode in a Wire Repeater.

A loop that uses a wire repeater and a trigger, so you can do block code in the trigger and set a team only funtion in the wire repeater part of the loop


Interesting, I might.

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How about a teleporter loop? (teleports you to a trigger that teleports you to a trigger that- you get the idea)

That seems like a troll kinda.

Yeah, you could also set up a ring of teleporters and have it so each one does
[when teleported, teleport to target] and have it go around and around

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