Making a Survival Game (DEVLOG)

[Thanks to @twofoursixeight for making this wiki I requested after I found out that TL1 users can only edit a post for one day. Maybe, I will be able to create my own wiki and replace this one someday.]

My Devlog

So, I’ve decided randomly at like, 10 o’clock at night to create a Minecraft-esque survivial game called Gimcraft. This is the place where I will post about my progress. I will try to work on it as much as I can. Wish me good luck!

Progress Bar:

This progress bar is based on how far I feel I am on this project.

Day 0

Did nothing but make the post today.

Day 1

I just added a simple dashing system and got out some props I wanted.

Day 2
What type of survival game should I make it?
  • A sectional, village building game (more tycoon-esque)
  • An open world survival game
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Day 3

Made a starting area:

and also,

Should I work on…
  • Random prop generation
  • Item harvesting
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Alright, did a lot today. First, I added collection of wood, logs, and blueberries. I also added a small early stage crafting system and a simple game start popup.

I also tried to make a day/night cycle but failed. If anyone has any idea on how to do this, please notify me, it would be a great help and I might feature you in the credits.

Day 4

I made a day/night cycle for the starting area.

I also made a new area, the dark forest:

Day 5

IT’S MY B-DAY :tada:

I made a better Day/Night cycle system that is easily expandable to other areas:

Screenshot 2023-12-22 6.03.36 PM

What should I do tomorrow?
  • Try to implement hunger and sanity
  • Work on more items/crafting
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Day 6

Sorry, but I got distracted with different projects, I was only able to add the crafting of toys.

Day 7

Did nothing today, BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE :christmas_tree: :tada:

Day 8

It’s CHRISTMAS, gosh darnit. I promise I’ll do something tomorrow.

Day 9

ok… I admit it. I’ve been slacking. HOWEVER I did do something. I made it so that you have to wait 3 seconds between chopping trees. Sadly, that’s it.

Day 10

Okay, guess what! I DID SOMETHING! I completely revamped the Dark Forest and also added a cooldown and vfx to item gathering:

Screenshot 2023-12-27 10.09.49 PM

Days 11 and 12

I went on a trip with family and couldn’t work on the map.

Day 13

Did a LOT to make up for my recent laziness.

  • Added a new area: The Lake

  • Added Fishing
  • Added Hunger
Day 14

HAPPY NEW YEARS! IT’S 2024 ALREADY! FEELING OLD? :tada: :upside_down_face:

Day 15 (SPECIAL DAY) I added sanity and dangerous hallucinations.
Happiness... I THINK I'M FINISHED! Now, all I have to do is work up the courage to spend 1000 gimbucks on it...
Should I post Gimcraft v1.0 it to discovery?
  • Yes
  • No
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I am SO happy I finished this project. I probably wouldn’t have finished if I hadn’t made my first post about it. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming to me. It has also felt so rewarding to deliver to the community through guides/posts. I think that’s what really spurred me on here.


Nice! Hope you finish it!

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@twofoursixeight could you replace the title with the OG one: Making a Survival Game (DEVLOG)?


:white_check_mark: The title change has been made.


Does the poll in day 2 work?

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Your poll failed, I can fix it.

thank you… I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

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I just fixed your poll so you should be good now.

Also, could you tell me what I did wrong so I don’t have to bother you next time?

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Polls don’t work in BBcode details sections.
I can try to use HTML to get the poll in the details section. Would you like me to do that instead?

Yes, and how would the HTML work?
(so that I don’t have to bother you next time)

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Here is a post explaining how it’s done. I’m gonna make the edits.

Thanks, you’ve been a big help. :pray:

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I need help. So, check the poll in day 15.


Would you like me to disable the wiki for this topic so nobody can edit it anymore?

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Yes, until I tell you to enable it again. I might use this as an update log too.

Thanks so much for supporting me throughout this, @twofoursixeight.


I can only re-enable the wiki 30 days after the topic was created so it would be best we use another topic.

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Ok, but can you really quick remove the second poll in day 15? Idk why it’s there but I don’t want it there.

Edit: Nvm, it was a glitch. I reloaded and now it’s fine.

I playtested it and I my hunger reached to -15 and nothing really happened for some reason. (I don’t know if fishing was the cause of this)


Dang it, I have to bug fix already.

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