Making a Survivial Game Devlog (REPLACED BY WIKI, LINK INSIDE)

This topic was replaced by a wiki, this is a link to the wiki:

Making a Survival Game [Wiki for @gimkit_h4ck3r .]

I will post my progress on the wiki and not here.

Nice wip and welcome to the community!
Don’t forget to finish it soon!
As a Basic User (TL1) you only have a 3-Day Editing Time Limit.
I can create a wiki for you (one with infinite editing time) if you want.

Also, the ideas tag doesn’t really fit in your guide, game-concepts, game-design and game-mechanics are unused.
But since you’re the OP, (Original Poster) you can keep them if you want.
The tags that would fit in your guide are minecraft and survival (maybe)


Cool! I can’t wait to play it!

It sounds like it would be very nice to have a wiki instead of topic, thank you for offering to make one, I would like it a lot. Also I don’t really know the difference between wiki and topic so if you could educate me on that as well, it would be well appreciated.

Length Warning, Click arrow to open dropdown

These might help.
What is a Wiki Post? - users - Discourse Meta

Create a Wiki Post - moderators - Discourse Meta

A wiki post can be created by users with a Trust Level of “Regular.” (TL3+)
Any user that has a Trust Level of “Basic” (TL1) can edit it.

It also has infinite editing time, compared to other posts.

Trust Level “New User” or TL0 have a 1-Day Editing Time Limit.

Trust Level “Basic User” or TL1 have a 3-Day Editing Time Limit.

Trust Level “Member” or TL2 have a 30-Day Editing Limit.

Trust Level “Regular” or TL3 has no difference from Trust Level Member (TL2) but you can make wikis to have an infinite Editing Time Limit.

Read more about trust levels here:

Trust Levels Guide

[PSA] Improved Trust Levels Guide

Guide about TL3, TL4, and moderator statuses

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels - blog - Discourse Meta

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

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They actually only have a single day to edit their posts on the forum.

Trust level “Leader” can edit for an infinite time.

Any topic can be made “wiki” by Leaders or moderators.

There is a trick up my sleeve that lets any trust level edit beyond the time limit. (It will notify staff since it involves flags.)

  1. :black_flag: Get two people to flag your post.
  2. :timer_clock: Wait ten minutes.
  3. :memo: You can then edit your post. Do note you only get one edit.

:warning: If the post gets flagged after doing this, you will not be able to recover your post if someone flags it.
:warning: When doing this, moderators will be notified of the flag. Please take caution when doing this.
:warning: Getting enough flags will revoke TL3 abilities for a maximum of 100 days.

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This will be interesting!

@Haiasi Thanks for the info! So, can you create a wiki for me?
PS: I’m sorry if I was a little late on that, I was getting very tired and had to go to bed.

I can make you a wiki topic.

@gimkit_h4ck3r we the game design tag is unused.

Thank you, I would like that.

Good luck and welcome to the forum! This sounds like a very difficult project!

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@twofoursixeight made a wiki for you, @gimkit_h4ck3r

Anyone happen to know how to delete this topic? (it was replaced by a wiki for me.)

Just move to devices, mark a solution and say deleted guide

deleted. You help is appreciated

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