I need help with the seconds survived

thank’s to @Beluga_Whale’s guide, how would i exclude one person since they are the tagger?

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and, also, off topic, but, how would i change the name of the link to guide, but blue?

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You can’t change the link name


Actually, yes, you can. Click that chain button next to the italics button, paste your link and then type what you want. For example:

Ohhh ok. Now I see. Learn something everyday :slight_smile:

but what about my other question

Can’t you have it like a team switcher but it doesn’t count for like the tagger? Do you have a randomizer?

yes for players

Can I see the system?


Just get a relay that limits the system to Team 1 or whatever team is not tagging.

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Couldn’t you just put game mode to count up?

it’s a marco polo game, and polo’s are trying to survive as long as possible

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