Help: Multiple Questions, ASAP

Could you make it visual?
Also, I’m using ALL the gadgets, so would I need a checker or property for each gadget?

okay so first place down a property the property will need to store the gadget the player has so whenever the player gains a gadget the property will need to be updated
(property scope has to be player)

You would need a checker for each gadget that constantly checks (refer to the guide below):

And each would change the property to a specific number/word/phrase that changes the Questioner’s coding.


next link as many checkers as you desire(equal to the amount of gadgets) to whatever is supposed to give you ammo

each checker will compare the property to a gadget name and transmit on a channel if it passes

finally place an item granter for each different type of amo and make it grant the item, on the corresponding channel

A nice touch would be to when you answer a question, the name of the item and the amount you receive would appear as the correct answer.

What is the second question?

Here’s another idea: in the Questioner’s coding, it could have an if-than block that compares the desired property to 1, 2, 3, and so on (as many gadgets there are). Each number would stand for a gadget. Then, you would need a few checkers (1 for each gadget) and make them continuously check (with the guide I provided before). If any of them passes, it would change the property. Just make sure that each and every gadget has a corresponding number that none others have. Any questions/comments/concerns?

Yes, could you show me the coding, step by step, in visuals?

@wingwave, can you help or is it too much?

ill try to simplify

make an infinite checker with the gadget of your choice (guide wingwave linked)

if you know how to make it a trigger clock works better but the repeater works just the same

make a true/false property

connect the checker from infinite checking repeater to a trigger (check passes → trigger)


set property "property"
value | true

next, connect the questioner to item granter (run wire pulse block)


if Get Property "property" true
do Grant Player Selected item

what this does is grant the player the selected item in the item granter setting
and if you picked the second block you can also manage the amount
if you choose the first block i think itll automatically choose the selected item and amount


Okay thanks!
Another question, how do I end the game after you have a certain amount of an item?

also if you’re wondering why we didnt do the blocks in a trigger it’s because the item granter is rhe only device that has a grant custom amount of item block
sometimes other blocks are better to use than others because they’re device-specific in some situations

also just so i dont feed you all the information, how the blockcode works is that when the player answers question, repeater check if player has item.
if item no, set property false.
if item yes, set property true and grant item.
(bad grammar intended)

just make an infinite checking repeater that checks for that amount of item and wire the checker to end the game
(if this doesnt work tell me)

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Okay, two more questions.

  1. How do I make it so an incorrect answer they lose ammo @Haiasi?
  2. I forgot the seconds question.

Who are you and what have you with the real Haiasi


It is the real one, if you see Haiasi with something that says “Regular”, it’s a real person and not an impersonator.

Do the same but make it grant a negative item (using the math block) in the selected custom amount.
If that doesn’t work, just make it broadcast message on channel to grant an item from a negative item grabter


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