How To Make a Tycoon Game (Difficulty: 2)

Just to be clear, a tycoon game (at least for our purposes) is a game where you start out making a small but steady stream of money, and over time through purchases you can get more and more money. Fortunately for us, we can do just that!

Let me show you my setup:

Here, we have a few things. First of all, a lifecycle device links up to a 1 second wire pulser (You can use a repeater, but a pulser uses 30 memory to a repeater’s 500 memory). This pulser then connects to an item granter that gives cash. The overlay in the bottom left shows your cash, and mps is the property ‘money per second.’

There is some block code needed here, of course. MPS should start out at 1. From there, your block code in the granter should look something like this:

Thus, every second this system gives mps money every second. Perfect! (make sure that you select “run wire pulse block” instead of “grant item” when hooking up the pulser to the granter.)

What about upgrades, though?
Well, it’s simple! All you need to do is get a button or trigger then have that change mps by whatever you want it changed to!

You can even use vending machines...

Basically, by setting up a vending machine to give you some amount of an item (say, it’ll cost 5 cash to buy 5 bait or something), you can then run a checker with the update loop to see how much of a purchased item a player has in their inventory, then remove that and add the amount to mps! For example, if I use a vending machine that costs 10 cash to get 1 bait, then a checker would see that I had the bait and convert it to mps.

That’s it for this guide, thanks for reading!

Difficulty: (yes i know its out of 10)

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This’ll help wolf with his map for sure :)))


Great guide!

As a happy customer, it works! but you need to say in the guide that you need to copy and paste the wire repeater and wire it to the other and the other wire it to the first, then wire it to the item granter, i figured it out by looking at the image, but the discription does not say.


i think you should take the concept tag off of this since this isn’t a concept.

I corrected it, now it gone.


those tags are so confusing man

Here’s a guide:


Can you not post stuff like this here?

noice guide shdwy, i like how you’re becoming a forum user

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ngl, I was gonna make one but couldn’t. Then i found this, it’s so simple, i can’t believe it lol

I also made one with a stealing mechanic and equal money distribution (in 2v1s, teams don’t get twice the amount of resources).

Nice job! This is a pretty good guide!

Very Cool! But, can you be a little more specific for me, please? As a new Forums Member, (And Gimkit Creative in general) It’s harder for me to understand it.


Kein problem!

What do you need expanded on specifically?

Instead of wire repeaters, you should use a repeater.

What is the other wire repeater for, The Game overlay as well, and it looks like the life cycle is connected to the wire repeater that is connected to another wire, instead of the item granter.

The two wire repeaters have to trigger each other so that it can grant the cash every second. I advise you use a repeater instead, as it is much easier.

oh right i forgot that existed :skull:

so, the two wire repeaters are to make a pulser (a device that pulses every x seconds or whatever) because i forgot there was already a device for that (and honestly mine is better for quantum mechanics)

the game overlay is to show how much cash you have while actually playing the game
and the lifecycle is supposed to be connected to the pulser because it starts the pulse

think of a repeater loop in minecraft, if you play minecraft. its like that.

I think that 2 wire repeaters might be less memory.