How To Make a Tycoon Game (Difficulty: 2)

see that was totally on purpose i promise
yep its 30 memory instead of 500

Hmmmm…welp either way it doesn’t hurt to use either or.

can you show how to make every thing step by step with pictures?

also like my tycoon entrance?

Is there something specific you need help on?

no its just it wont let me edit the description so im going to repost

oh wait no i dont need help i just typed it to the wrong person

guys for some reason when i try to do it (i put 5 cash in the setting) it stops when i reach 10 cash and i never get any cash after that how do i fix this

It sounds like it isn’t triggering enough. Maybe try changing the money per second and see what that does. If it’s still just double the total rate, then you need to change something involving the granter loop.

oh wait it turned out i made it that after 5 seconds it stoped

There it is, I guess! Does it work now?

yes but im trying to figure how the upgrades with vending machines since i suck doing the mps thing

i cant find an mps in the devices. what should i search up in the search bar?

It’s a property.

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ooooh ok thanks! thats alot of help.

would you connect a button to the repeaters in order to collect the cash?

nevermind i figured it out!


Bumpity bump!