How to Make Hold-the-Point [WIP]

Ok, let me look…

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Ok so for 2, use counters and add the increase by one, to do so make a timer and it activates when players enter a zone. And for 3, just use another counter and have it to whne game time reaches a certain number, players die, and respawn as a different team, team switch is needed.

Ok, so for the teleporting system, you will need the capture setup that I posted you need 2 teleporters, and 2 buttons, 1 button needs to be active on game start the other, is not active, when the counter hits target deactivate the active button and the other non-active, activate

also, maybe make it a wiki

I don’t want other people to edit it.

Can you set permissions?

Nice guide! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Here is the capturing system


To add, you can make it so that when the flag is picked up, it activates some barriers that stop players from leaving without dropping the flag

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@Coffee Just asking about the system, does that mean the player has to hold the flag for about 40 seconds? Also, does that mean they have to run around for 40 secs without being tagged before they capture it?


What do you mean?

Wdym, they have to hold it without being knocked, and the barrier are there to block people eunning away from the point, cause in games, it is ussually a flag raising and they have to stay in an area

Wait, so they get the flag from the trench, run outside, run from being tagged, after time is done, they capture the point? Thanks for the help, btw

@Coffee Did you edit the Capturing the Points?

Nice guide!

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@Coffee @WolfTechnology Help me with the Class System?

Yeah, what exactly do you need help with it?

How do I make it?
You said you could edit How to make a money generator where you get 1 cash per second [Difficulty 🟩 ] to make it, but I don’t know how

Ok I have made this before, Look at the War Tycoon Guide, it shows the lay out. But the guide I used is by @Shdwy, its way more understandable and works.

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So for the class selection, perhaps have a overlay selection of classes you can use with each having their own abilities? (Like a weak speedster and a heavy tank)