How to Make Hold-the-Point [WIP]

Quoting @Coffee for the definition:

Let me explain it more clearly. There are two teams, Team 1 and Team 2(obviously, what else what it be, 5 and 10?), and there are five ‘points’. Team 1 holds 5 - 7 points on Game Start, and Team 2 has 1 or none. The game lasts usually 10 to 15 minutes. If Team 2, the attackers, do not capture all the points in time, they lose, if they do, they win. Note that the defenders, Team 1, can not re-capture the points.

Now, let’s get started!

I credit this help post for this guide

Making the 'Points'

Basically, just use the flag device. It looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-28 8.00.07 AM
Get a Flag Device, and set it like this:

That’s all for making the points!

Capturing points

You will need
Optional: barrier (Highly recommended)

Step 1.
Set your counter to have a target of 20 and the repeater a delay of 2.0

Step 2.
wire your flag to the repeater so when the flag is picked up - start the repeater

Step 3.
wire the repeater to the counter so that when the repeater runs a task - increment counter

Step 4.
Wire the flag to the trigger so that when the flag drops - triggers and then wire the trigger to the repeater so that when triggered - stops repeater

Step 5.
Finally, wire the counter to the flag so that when the target value is reached - capture the flag

Step 6. (optional)
Wire the barriers so that when the flag is picked up - active the barriers, and when the trigger is triggered - deactivate barriers
(The trigger is connected to when the flag dropped and the barrier scope is player)
(This step is meant to make the game fair by keeping the flag capturers in one area while capturing the flag)

(I repeat DO NOT RESET THE COUNTER BY ANY MEANS! It would allow for exploiting and gaining infinite points)

Making the Teleporting system

What this is supposed to do:

Have a barrier that covers a teleporter that allows TEAM 2 to teleport over to the trenches in Team 1’s territory. They should be preset, so that when the flag to the corresponding barrier/teleporter is captured, the barrier is deactivated, so that at spawn, the player can walk to the teleporter to teleport over to the trench.

The Class System

So, we want to be able to “Climb Down” into a trench to hold the point. Use this guide to make a ladder:
How to make a Ladder(With Animation) | Difficulty 1/10

Now, instead of just teleporting you to the bottom, make it teleport you to a “hole” you made. It should have an area of 9 - 16 terrain blocks. Put a teleporter there for you to teleport there. Now, add a button that will trigger you ‘climbing’ the ladder, back to the surface. You’re done with trenches!


@Coffee I made it, but I need some help with number 2 and 3.

What is 2 and 3? I may be able to help.

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You know the help topic @Coffee made? I need help with the number 2 and 3 on it.

Ok, let me look…

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Ok so for 2, use counters and add the increase by one, to do so make a timer and it activates when players enter a zone. And for 3, just use another counter and have it to whne game time reaches a certain number, players die, and respawn as a different team, team switch is needed.

Ok, so for the teleporting system, you will need the capture setup that I posted you need 2 teleporters, and 2 buttons, 1 button needs to be active on game start the other, is not active, when the counter hits target deactivate the active button and the other non-active, activate

also, maybe make it a wiki

I don’t want other people to edit it.

Can you set permissions?

Nice guide! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Here is the capturing system


To add, you can make it so that when the flag is picked up, it activates some barriers that stop players from leaving without dropping the flag

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@Coffee Just asking about the system, does that mean the player has to hold the flag for about 40 seconds? Also, does that mean they have to run around for 40 secs without being tagged before they capture it?


What do you mean?

Wdym, they have to hold it without being knocked, and the barrier are there to block people eunning away from the point, cause in games, it is ussually a flag raising and they have to stay in an area

Wait, so they get the flag from the trench, run outside, run from being tagged, after time is done, they capture the point? Thanks for the help, btw

@Coffee Did you edit the Capturing the Points?

Nice guide!

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@Coffee @WolfTechnology Help me with the Class System?