War Tycoon in GKC(WIP)

I have just started this and have seen that their is some context on the Tycoon projects, so I thought, why not make my favorite Robox Tycoon on Gimkit? So here it is, well at leat what i have so far. Just a quick filler of what War Tycoon is, its a free for all 12 player server, were you buy planes, boats, cars, trucks, tanks, etc and buy all different weapons from snipers to RPG’s. Its quite big and many things I saddly will not be able to recreate, such as the vehicles. But I can make the bases, in the normal game you buy walls, floors, new land to build more rooms on, etc, and rebirth, yes you must restart, but it unlocks new things to buy that you preveusly couldn’t. You can go play it your self to get a better understanding, but thats up to you. Here, on GKC I can make most of this, so I will try to show as much as I can.

Part 1: Bases

First Floor

Lasar Door
  • First you must get out the lasar device and take both ends and dotted line off of the device.
  • Then you must shrink the lasar so it is as long as 2 terrain blocks.
  • Next make the channel for the lasars call it Lasar.
  • Then copy and paste the lazar 3 times to were it is 1 terrain block tall in a neat line next to the other 2 lasars.
  • Then add 2 buttons and add them to the same channel.
  • Lastly wire one button to the 3 lasers as Deactivate and wire the other button to the 3 lasars and Activate.
    Screenshot 2023-10-04 5.14.59 PM
Money Per Second

Screenshot 2023-10-04 5.25.01 PM

I used this guide to help me and it works, so I cant really put anything here.
Money Per Second Guide

Stair Way
  • First you will need to place 3 layers of Boardwalk(layer 3, layer 4, and layer5) ontop of one another as a ramp.
  • Then add a teleporter ontop of the first layer of the stairs and set it to “teleport to floor 2” and the name of it as “teleport floor 1”.
  • Then add a barrier ontop of the teleporter and set it to deactivate on buy1 and make it active during the game.
  • lastly place a invisable(during game it is)vending machine and set it to channel “buy1” and price $1000. Then it will automaticaly dissappear when the player buys it and they can go to floor 2.
    Screenshot 2023-10-04 5.24.39 PM

This is still a MAJOR work in progress and I will finish the final product soon. But if you like the work or find this guide helpful, please leave a like :heart:.

Keep on being creative,


It looks cool, but the sentries look like a lot of memory.

This is super cool! Nice job!

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I know, thats why im only making one base, I cant make all 12 and this is for a guide, not for me to keep, the main point is because there have been many questions on tycoons lately i thought i would make a guide on my favorite and how they usally look.


Roblox is a really recurring theme here lol. Buttttt cool guide! looks impressive

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Shouldn’t you make this a wip ? Unless you’re done, but I feel like the second floor should be different from the first, then adding the war idea into it. (btw I like Superhero Tycoon better, but War Tycoon was pretty fun)

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This is nice, I’m excited to see that final result!
(Btw it’s spelled laser not lazar)

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I should, but I really don’t like using that tag, its more or less bad luck.

Grammar, my old enemy, ill fix it, thanks for telling me!

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Make it a wiki post, you’ll eventually finish it.

Thanks, and yeah I will, just no one edit it please!

Nice job! I like seeing so many sentries with computers, looks very cute.

robots being tecky

pmub sdrawkcab (Backwards Bump)

Are you still doing this?

Yeah, @WolfTechnology, are you ever going to complete this? If not, we can help.

If you know the game, all help would be appreashated, but right now i have mid-terms so i can’t play gimkit, its blocked, so i have to wait 2 hour to even start, but I have some good info on blast ball.

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Quick thing:

I think its spelled “lasers”


Sorry to necropost this, but isn’t the wip/ edit time up? And if it isn’t, the last time wolf updated this was Nov 4… should we do something about it or keep it here?

Maybe I should make a guide on how to make your own Roblox tycoon

  1. he’s a regular he can make his post a wiki, edit it, and remove the wiki
  2. also necroposting is really a problem in help topics
    guides can actually be used for something
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