Ideas help for how to make a tycoon type game (other stuff like side quest)

what should the map be (snow, farm, ect.) I need suggestions anything will help!! also i need help making like chain reactions other stuff please help.

I’m not the very best at GKC but when it comes to styles, I have a few ideas:
Since this is an tycoon, you could have it like as an futuristic style. Like One Way Out kinda of style. Or maybe make it like Fishtopia but a tycoon instead of you getting the fish?
And to be able to get the items. I have an idea. Buttons and triggers (triggers as pressure plates??). You might be able to use a zone as well. I hope this was helpful!


Maybe make biomes like snowy survival. Some side quests might be: in each biome there is a relic you can find either they can sell for a lot of money or are Legendary weapons.

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What interests you the most? Mine was space so the first map I made, space themed.
For the mechanics, you should use something similar to an Energy per question upgrade.

Maybe a farm area?

I’m creating I’ve created the tycoon tag.


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