How to make a money generator where you get 1 cash per second [Difficulty đźź© ]

What you will need;
Lifecycle x1
Vending Machine x1
Wire Repeater x1
Relay x1

Start by placing your lifecycle. You do NOT need to edit anything in the lifecycle.

Next, place a vending machine, and set the “required item” to cash. Set the “required amount” to 0.

Now, set the “granted item” to cash and th “granted amount” to 1.

After that, place your wire repeater, set the delay time to 1.0 and wire your lifecycle to the relay. Make sure the relay is set to “All Players”.

Next, wire the relay to the vending machine (Relay Trigger → Attempt to purchase).

Finally, wire the vending machine to the wire repeater (Item purchased → Relay pulse…) and wire the wire repeater back to the vending machine (Relay pulse… → Attempt to purchase)

Congrats, you’re done!

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Nicd guide, you could make a tycoon game with this, you could also make it so it has upgrades!

Nice, but I kinda already made that in my clicker game…

Nice guide! Could you use a repeater for this?

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You could, but repeaters take up more memory than a wire repeater and two wires.

Oh Ok.

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This is actually pretty good and simple.

jesus thats fast


I fixed it so it affects all players

You can bypass the 20 character limit by putting letters (and only letters) in <> brackets. Make sure there is enough letters to bypass the limit. What it does is hide all letters inside.

Could there be a way to make an upgrade system to where you would get more money per second if you purchased an upgrade?

Use this guide:

This was very useful! I really could use this for an auto clicker in a game!

Truest level 2, LETS GOOOOOOOO


This doesn’t work! I want to buy the vending machine in order to work the generator, but when you put the cash to 0, it just buys for you without precaution, even if you haven’t bought it. I don’t know if I should just make it where the cash grants when you when you earn a specific amount of cash, but I am in desperate need for explanation

It functions by using a repeater to constantly give cash, another way to make this work would be to purchase something (probably through a vending machine) and wire that to the repeater, then wire the repeater to an item granter with the set item being cash

Apologies for the wait for a response

good system random kid!