How to make your own Roblox Tycoon Game!

Now, I gotta credit someone. Which is Shdwy, because he made a Guide similar to this. So gotta do that first.

To the actual part, hello! I’m a person all things Roblox, and I’m a massive fan, so I decided to try to remake it from Roblox into gimkit! There will be a few steps, and will include NO block code! So lets jump right into it! Reading, reading, and reading!

                   Making the foundation

So, we’re gonna have to start with a basic foundation, with all things. What we’re gonna be making in this guide is…

  • Laser doors you can toggle!

  • Walls you can build!

  • That one gear pad in almost all of them…

  • And money makers that make you money!

After all of the groundwork, I would like to present you the steps!

                The tycoon base foundation

You could really make it whatever you want, but I recommend a size of 15x15 tiles. I’m gonna be making a _________(Whatever you want!),

Let’s go to the next step. now!

                   Step 2, the real cash! 

Now with that out of the way, we can start making some BANK! :moneybag:

We’re gonna be adding a spawn pad to where we want our player to spawn. Nice. Did it? Next step.

We’re gonna be making a trigger now, place it down.
You: “are we gonna be making money yet?”

To that I say, no. We have to protect that money, so we are making walls. Even though there is nothing that can take it, so go change that trigger so that its not visible in game, but you can step on it. Make it transmit a channel. Right now we are building walls, yes? So we’re gonna make it transmit “Build Walls!”

After that, the trigger looks ugly. You don’t wanna be stepping on that. So grab a wooden plate, and make it bigger and turn red. Make some text over it, and make it say, "Build walls? - $____ "whatever cash you want, just fill in that blank.

Now you seem good. But we gotta build those walls! So I’m gonna be using barriers, the device. First, place down a barrier, and make it not active on game start.

Now, you want to make it so it activates on a different channel. For me, it’s gonna be “Build Walls Success!!” After doing that, shape the barrier to your desire. Then choose your color. After copy and paste it around your base for whatever you want it to look like.

After, grab a checker. Make it check for the item amount. Make sure it checks when receiving on channel. Which is Build Walls. Now check the item amount. For me, its cash. And for me, its 50 bucks. After, make it so when the check passes, it makes the wooden plate, the trigger, and the text disappear. I’ll do “Build walls success” as earlier in the guide.

After, make an item granter take away 50 bucks.

Wow! We’ve done so much now. (WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT!) Let’s now make it so we’re actually making money! Here is my example on what it looks like

                  Step 2.5... The actual money!

Now we can start making our money. In every game, your gonna have to do manual work. So lets start with a basic button. Next, add a black barrier going down your path. So it looks like a conveyor belt! At the end, add it so it looks like lava. Optional to make it so if they touch it they die!

Back to the button. Make it so theres something that looks like its dropping something! I’m a bit lazy. So i’ll do some random prop. After, make the button so that every time you click it, you get an item. Make it transmit a channel. I’ll do Button Clicked. Get an item granter, and make it so it gives you $1 every click.

Oh my gosh! We’re flowing in money!!! :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: We are so rich!!!

But what will we spend it on besides a single wall. Where’s the fun in that! Plus how can we see our cash? Let’s fix that too.

Place down a game overlay. Change it to tracked item, and make it cash. Now we can see our beautiful money!

          Step 3 I'm so burnt out but I got to finish

Vending machine.
Make it not visible in game. Make it transmit money. Make a repeater start repeating when it gets money. After that, make it transmit give money 1.

After, get an item granter to give 5 cash. Make it receive it on give money 1.
Add a delay to your repeater. Can be whatever you want.

Now we have money makers for us. Yay!

                Step 4: The item/gear pads!

Awesome. We’re so far. and I’m so ready to finish this.

This part is really simple.

Get an invisible vending machine. Make it for how much money you want. Example, 5 bucks. Get an item spawner, make it spawn the item you want. Put a barrier over what you want to be spawned. Make it disappear on a channel from the invisible vending machine from step 4.

Ta da! Now your items spawn.

                 Step 5: The laser doors!

Make a button. Add a laser in your doorway. Make the laser activate on turn on, and deactivate on turn off. Make another button. Make one more button. Now you should have 2 buttons. Make one button transmit turn on, and another button transmit turn off. Now you got a laser door! Make it so it instakills your enemy on Death.

If you want to make it so you have to buy the lasers for it to work, I want to not add it so you can learn yourself. Try using the stuff I talked about earlier in this guide.

                         Step 6

I think we are done. We have finished it. FINALLY!!!

After that, you have a tycoon. The most repetitive thing ever. I’m tired. Did I say I’m tired?

Now we can relax. This is probably my most complicated guide yet, and i’m so burnt out and tired from doing this. If some things don’t make sense, tell me. And if some things don’t work, please tell me. I got really tired and did some things from memory. There’s not many pictures.

If you would like to contact me, just ask me in the comments. I’ve probably messed up, but yeah. We are finished now. Now I can be in peace knowing I finished.


Huh, it all seems so simple when laid out like this, but when you get down to it, its very difficult; great guide!

Thanks! I got exhausted making this. It looks simple, but it’s comprised of many devices. At least there’s no block code! So maybe some people would like to have this in their game.

Edit: By many, not like actually a lot, probably like 5

This is really cool!
I only have one issue though. When you use the checker to get a number equal to $100 (number I did for the walls) if you have more than 100, it won’t let you do the walls. So I just set it to “Greater than: 99”

did I said that in the guide? More than 100? I meant 99…

If so, my bad. I was really tired lol but I knew I had to finish it.

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I am re-reading it now, I just realized you did not. You never specified haha. My bad sorry!

It’s fine lol, we all make mistakes. Don’t worry, I sometimes accidentally keep typing lol

like I said greatest instead of great, idk why my brain keeps adding lol.

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I feel that haha. Thanks, and great guide =)

Thanks for this guide! It’s GREAT!
I’ll credit you in my new update!