How to make a sprint button with a cooldown (Difficulty 5/10)

You will need a game overlay, 2 speed modifiers, and 2 triggers.
First you will need to place down the devices.
Then you make one speed modifier 2.00 (the other one will be 1.00)
follow the picture instrunctions of what put down and what put in it.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 2.18.03 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-27 2.17.23 PM


Sorry if it’s too many pictures it wouldn’t let see them while I was making them.

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Nice guide!

Don’t wanna annoy you, but there is another guide on this similar.

To avoid trouble, I suggest you credit the original creators, and no, pictures are great. The more the better!

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Has someone already made a sprint button with a cool down?

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Yeah, just search it up. Then just credit them near the beginning of your guide, it will help avoid trouble.

Ok, thank you for the help.

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No Problem! Goodluck with your guide too!

#Longest _title_ever!


I think it’s fine, you don’t need to have the title that long. I think just add it to your content. Example, {body of paragraph}, then, “Before we start, I want to make sure your not confused with this guide…” Followed by link.

Sorry about the title.

I know how you feel when peopel think your guide is a spam.
I’ve been yelled at too

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Nice guide and thanks for using pictures!

It is a little similar to my guide but no need to credit!

Golly, that’s a pretty long title… gosh, its 2024 y’d I use Golly… I have to stop reading historical fiction :expressionless:


You sure that’s a guide? It saids page not found for me…

I think they used the wrong link here is the guide: How to make an edible energy bar! (Difficulty: 3/10 or 🟩)

Oh yeah… that works… my bad

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Oh yeah whoops!

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I changed the title, please put the thing about the other guide in the guide itself instead.

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Oh nice! You got all finished up!

Nice one! A great guide with many photos, giving the reader a crystal clear idea of what they need to do, how to execute it properly, and that it installs confidence on that it will definitely work.

Overall, this is quite a nice guide, so I would say 8/10.

Only reason I won’t/wouldn’t do 8.5 is because there wasn’t really instructions, just pictures to follow from.

But in conclusion, the guide is still spectacular!

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Sorry I didn’t think about that.