Ideas for my game from you guys!


Okay well, you could add props related to a playground; bringing back that feel of playing on the playground when you were younger, also boosting the tradition.

You could also add Easter eggs in each biome. Like a reference or something important that every tag game has. (I never played tag much so I wouldn’t know)

You could also add a point system, like in TD where at the end all the tags pile up.

You could also make the biomes separate and make a map selecting system.




I will be offline for 45ish minutes, man I dislike MAP testing…

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you could add a thing where the tagger has a chance to either be a bit slower or faster than the others (like how in recess where the tagger was faster or slower)
idk how to do that tho :(

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two words: speed modifier


  1. you also need a kind of chance system but it’ll work ↩︎

Do you have a sprint function yet? If not, add one!

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first question:what is the game about?’

its about tag, like the ones elementry kids used to play…

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dang it someone beat me to it


when a player gets tagged, they play a minigame and if they win they can get a power-up like speed boost, or maybe an extra life, or even the ability to “freeze” before getting tagged, (I don’t know how to do that but someone probably made it) for the next round

i would like something like a side-mission that the runners can get by getting lots of spider-bots(spider prop) that after all being collected, a portal will appear with a sentry named:spydecraft inside the portal frame and gives all runners a speed boost of your choice.(i did not steal this from a super hero game :wink:)

I have tried that in alpha and beta, neither worked…
also I am now out of MAP testing :smile:

so basically freeze tag?

I can try it!

So I tried that in alpha and beta phases, I used a very complex system, but with how much devices I already have I had to substitute and that caused heavy ping. also I tried it with speed modifiers.

the problem with that is then the game is unfair, it would be like playing tag with a zombie if you made the tagger slower and playing tag with a SR-71 Blackbird if you were to raise the speed.

sprint system without stamina?

it should be simpler…

I would but then players can just constantly sprint.

hmmm there has to be an easier sprint system


Maybe make some secret tunnels or hiding spots

already done.