Ideas for my game from you guys!

2 things first, First the backrooms has dean done a lot (as have lots of popular game remakes) and Second, if your going to make an escape room, make sure that it’s really good, and kinda hard, and that you have tested it a lot.

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Yeah. That’s good too.


it’s ok, there have been lots of ideas, you can just use some of them now :slight_smile:


NO! That’s bad! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

To the hitting solution button.

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oh its gone, okay… we are all good

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It still says it will close after 3 hours on my screen though.


It worked! Let’s go!

I’ve got an idea, add like when player knocked out/tagged teleport them into the knockout zone
I don’t know just an idea

so i’ve tryed reading all of these replys. @XxGuyt6517xX could you please make a list of what has bean said so that nothing is really repeated?

Thanks for the idea, but this is original tag where when one person tags someone the person tagged becomes the tagger well, just wasted $13 dollars on 11 cookies

@VWOOM I am back from a ban…

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Use this guide for the sprint button How to make a sprint button
Also It isn’t an infinite sprint I just couldn’t figure out how to get the button to disappear at the right time and it still works in the game.

“Player has accidentally microwaved a boiled egg…” (if ya know ya know…)

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Idea: Tag messages: [How to Make a Death Screen (and some death messages for it)]](

Sorry, can’t post the word “death”

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Off topic:
Itsa meia; the guy you wanted the perma link for