How to make a Deathrun (WIP) (A bit lazy)

I know there has already been a guide made about this (which I’ll put at the end), but I want to make my own! I put a lot of effort into this map, so I’m excited to share this with you guys! This guide will include:

  • How to make a death counter
  • Different traps you can add
  • How to make checkpoints

Okay, let’s get into the guide! First things first, how to set up your map and teams! As @ItzJay’s guide says, it’s basically just 2 lines on top of each other! You should have a similar setup to what I have below:

(You can also add either teleporters or spawn pads, as you’ll see below.)

Ok, so to set up the teams, you can do one of two things. You can
a- Let the players choose their teams
b- Make a team randomizer

(For my finished map, I did option b).

Let’s start simple: Option a!
All you have to do is set up something similar to what I have pictured below (Spawn pad, 2 teleporters, text, etc)

:arrow_up: Lazy setup lol

Now for something a bit harder (but not by much): Random teams!
Since there has already been a guide made about this, I’m not going to rewrite the whole thing. So if you want random teams, just follow @Blackhole927’s guide " How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: green_square"

Now that we have the teams and map sorted out, I recommend making a popup to tell the player(s) what team they’re on when they spawn. Since you can’t wire spawn pads, here’s an easy workaround:
Place down a spawn pad, trigger, and popup. Make sure the trigger can be triggered by stepping on it and make it invisible ingame. Now place it directly ontop of the spawn pad and wire it to the popup (When triggered → Open popup). Your finished product should look something like this.

*Make sure the bottom is wired as well.
**I gave Death extra speed to give better access to buttons, but that is completely optional

You can make your popup say anything, but I recommend adding the following information:

  • What team the player is on
  • Their goal/how to win
  • How many lives they have (RUNNERS ONLY)
  • How much time they have to complete this goal

Like I said earlier, it can say anything, but here’s an example!

Next, Death’s Buttons!
These activate traps the runners must escape. You should give these buttons a timer (How do you add a timer on a device?)" and wire it to the trap you make (Unfortunately, I can’t explain that because it will vary for each trap.)

Okay, next! Checkpoints! You can add as many or as little of these as you want!
Edit: Okay, there’s already a topic about this so I’m not gonna explain this part. If you want checkpoints, just check out @ShinyRiolu’s guide " How to Make Checkpoints With a Score for an Obby (Difficulty 2/10 or green_square)"

Now, how do you make players have a limited number of lives? Well, you simply place down a lifecycle, counter, and end game or team switcher device. Change the lifecycle settings to When player knocked out and wire it to the counter (When event occurs → Increment counter). Make the counter target the number of lives you want the runners to have.
IMPORANT: Make Sure the number only goes up for the player, not the whole team.
Then wire the counter to either the end game device or team switcher.
If you have 2 players, I recommend using the end game device (When target reached → End game). However, if you have 3 or more players, I recommend using the team switcher (spectator team). Then just do the same wiring! It should look similar to this:

Also, if you want the players to see how many deaths they have, use @JoetheChicken’s guide " How to make a Kill / Death counter (Difficulty: yellow_square)"!

Now for the fun part: Traps!
These are some traps I’ve come up with, however, you can also use @ItzJay 's, make your own, or use anyone else’s (if anyone else has made any. I haven’t looked that hard since I want to make mostly my own guide).

Trap 1: Deadly Trivia
For this trap, players must answer a question, and if they get it wrong, they die. You can do anything on the bottom track since you won’t really be using it. You can even do something like I did!

Now, add a zone around (where my red area and bridge is, but around whatever you decide to do yours). Make it when a player is inside the zone and that button is pressed, runners get teleported to THE TRIVIA ROOM!Can you make a button teleport other players?” (Shown below)

When a player is teleported, they should gain an item with which they’ll purchase from the vending machine (for example a silver seed) and a popup should show up on their screen, for example:

Add as many vending machines as you want, and make the item name a believable answer to your question. Then, make all the incorrect answers transmit on (for example) wa (wrong answer) and the correct answer transmit on ra (right answer). When a player gets the question wrong, they teleport to a room full of sentries, lasers, or any other insta-kill. If they get it right, they teleport to the next level of the deathrun.

*If that doesn’t make sense, let’s say I ask What year did gimkit come out? If you answer 2019, you lose a life. If you answer 2017, nothing happens and you move on in the course.

Trap 2: On Thin Ice

For this trap, you can simply just put a light blue barrier like so:

*Although there is an ice terrain, you can’t remove it.
Then, change the barrier transparency to 1.00 and add water underneath it.
Then wire the button to the barrier (When button pressed → Deactivate barrier) Now, when death presses the button, the ice disappears, and the runner hits the water, causing them to die.
*You can make the runner die however you want, probably lasers would be the best way though.

Trap 3: Two Paths

For this final trap, make 2 lines out of barriers on the bottom track like so:

Now wire death’s button to ONE of the barriers (When button pressed → Deactivate barrier). Again, when the player falls off the barrier, they die.

Although it’s not quite finished, I hope you enjoyed my guide! A huge thanks to @Blackhole927, @JoeTheChicken, and @ShinyRiolu for making guides that make my life much easier. (I’m not very good at explaining things :sweat_smile:)
And if you want more trap ideas or more information on making deathruns, checkout @ItzJay’s " How to make a Deathrun map (yellow_square)"
Good luck on your maps!

Edit: All these codes are outdated, I was just too lazy to blur them out
Edit 2: Thank you for letting me know in the replies! I didn’t know I only had limited time to edit, so I’ll start working on this again right away! And I know the last 2 traps are not as good as the first one, but I was rushing and wanted to at least give some ideas!


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