How do you make a op weapon in gimkit creative

i need op weapons for boss sentries in my map

Use the damage modifier.


This should have something.

make the sentry’s weapon a higher rarity

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You can also change the health and difficulty of the sentry.

Welcome to the community @MPFMPSscientist and @Microwavedwaffles! But you can up the sentries difficulty to gimpossible so it has lots of health and faster reload and give it a legendary rarity weapon, the best would be a slignshot. And you could try to use this guide for custom player weapons, if you wish to have that too. And sentry boss attacks, skins, and abilities.

You can use these guides for bosses.

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Welcome to the forums @MPFMPSscientist! You can make a OP boss by combining multiple sentries on top of one another, increasing their attack speed, and increasing their accuracy. If you want the boss to have a farther detection range, you can press “change side” when you click on the sentry and drag the range.

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If you want to make an OP weapon for your boss sentries, you can equip it with more powerful weapons, such as the Evil Eye or the Quantum Portal. There are 5 tiers for each. “Common” is the weakest while “Legendary” has the highest damage output.

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