Uses for The Damage Boost Device

Recently I made a battle royale game, and I encorporated damage multipliers in, by having a mechanic where if a player knocked someone it would give a popup that when you pressed it it gave you a random damage multiplier from 1.25 times the damage to 2.5 times the damage. I got the idea from fishtopia fish loot tables and brought it over to a battle royale using the damage multiplier the same way! This is what I did: I got a lifecycle set it to player knockout then connect it to a pop-up that was the button type then wired it to a trigger that had the block code. This is what it looks like:
Screenshot 2023-11-20 11.42.15 AM
Then when you knock someone out a pop-up appears that you press to give you a random damage boost. This is just one of the many uses for this device some of them include: An upgrade you could purchase, An power-up from defeating a boss, or in a dungeon crawler when you get to a halfway point, and much much more! Thanks to @Blizzy for helping me figure out how to do this on my own map to come up with this guide! And that’s all for this guide!


mm this is cool! Good job!

You’re welcome! Great guide, too!

I can think of something else!If anyone here plays terraria calamity, they can make the rage and adrenaline system!

Nice guide!

Did you know that Damage Boosts can also give you negative damage boosts? It can go under x1. With this setting, you could do a lot of fun stuff. If only health granters could do that too, then WE COULD GET NEGATIVE HEALTH GRANTERS-


I have to waste thousands of memory using invisible lasers just to replecate negative health granters!


We do a little trolling…

Step 1: Add a button to your battle royale game (on purpose) in the top left corner that says β€œDebug Options, do not let public use”

Step 2: When the button is pressed, use wires to ensure that the player’s damage will be changed via the damage modifier.

Step 3: The damage modifier will multiply their damage by 0.1

Step 4: Watch them lose (hehe)


I did but I forgot to mention that. Since I didn’t use negative damage boosts in my game so that’s why I forgot it.

there’s a new device???

just checked changelog

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There has been for about a week. You can use it to multiply damage or to lower damage by having it below 1x damage.

been working on my map and didnt even notice the new devices/props



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