I need help with rpg map, classes, level ups, skills etc

I currently have some classes worked out, but help with setting up how mana works, skill ideas, and the general system would be great

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be more specific @satorugojo1, for this is a broad question

I made a guide on a type of power up that I used in my battle royale game. These are some links:Uses for The Damage Boost Device and Randomizing damage multiplier upon knockout help

well there 4 main problems:

  1. leveling up
  2. mana (this includes regen, and giving it at the start of game)
  3. Increasing max health for a player based on class/race
    4.What skills to use and how do they work
    Open for suggestions on all of these

this helps with race bonuses and level ups, thanks!

What is “Mana” and “Regen”?

Mana is a commonly used word to represent energy for casting spells or doing abilities
regen is short for regeneration i.e the amount of mana you get back per second

Maybe use actual energy for the mana, and a regenerator for the regen concept

You can’t increase the max health for specific people (at least not that I know of). For mana you could have a lifecycle set to game start-> repeater-> checker checking if your item that represents mana is 1 or more and if it is to subtract 1 mana and to wire that to a health granter so that it would heal you.

there is no regenerator device

You have to connect devices to make Regen. Like I explained.

heal over time effect with mana, cool

Don’t worry, you can change max health for different classes! just set the default health to the lowest possible, and grant health for each class differently.
For example, starting health 25, but the XXXXXX class has 100 health, so when you give them that class grant them 75 health to reach 100.

is there a guide for that? I dont know how to do that sorry

Look at the post number 8 where I explained it. The arrows are wires.

fair, but when you gain or lose health, player x should be able to gain back to 350 and player y should only be able to gain back to 250, or at least thats my goal

There is a system, let me try and find it

I don’t think that is possible.

Well… you can’t really do that. You can’t track health.
What you could do is use health for the normal part of health and shield as what you regen and cap it at like 50 (max shield 50)

so instead of removing mana for health, give mana until certain number thanks!