I need help with rpg map, classes, level ups, skills etc

Found it (I believe)

so a certain class wold be able to regenerate into shield and another wouldnt?

Yes you can do that.

so instead of health regen, mana regen, thanks a ton, this pretty much solves the mana problem, have any cool skill ideas for classes? so far i have ranger, which has extra starting speed, barbarian with extra strength, wizard with more mana and big spell

You could have a sniper that has a wooden wand and has an infinite damage boost.

infinite damage boost?

um, phasing to go through wall maybe(My brain is not braining right now)

Yes, you have a damage boost that has the duration set to forever.

problem is, id have to make all walls barriers, which would look bad and also it would enable phasing for all players

oh i thought you meant like a damage boost that increases damage by infinite

HOW would you do that, that is what he is asking @Theaxolotl

what would a skill be for that class?

You have whatever you have to choose that class then wire it to a damage boost set it’s damage multiplier and set it’s duration to forever.

Like I said, my brain is not braining right now, so my thoughts are all over the place

The skill would be the extra damage.

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not all my questions have been aswered yet tho also how would you do a cooldown for a skill

You would use the same time counting mechanic.

You could track energy and give it only if a checker reads that it isn’t more than a max if you have one

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