How To Create A Great Final Boss For Your Map!

This is my first post here, but I’ve gotten some ideas to help the community. My first boss requires some layering, and no collision on anything, so if you have troubles, you’ve been warned. You’ll need:

  • Sentry (Passive)
  • Assorted Shields + Suit Of Armor
  • Hammers (2)
  • Compressors (2) + Sword Stones (2) + Shield Stands (2)
    To use these, you need to place the sentry at the top, and layer the small suit of armor onto its head.

Next, put the shield stand at the chest for a torso and fill it with shields, still no collision. With any medieval item as the shoulders (I used anvils,) and use the Compressors to make arms for your boss, and in the arms put the hammers in.

After this, you need your second shield stand to act as a lower chest. You can fill that with shields or leave it empty and use sword stones as the negs, followed by feet, preferably the items you used as shoulders (Once again, I used shields) and put a barrier around it!

Now that you monster is done, you can use the barrier to surround it since it won’t attack anyway and use a series of lasers which I haven’t shown in my picture to make a random attack sequence, like every two seconds, a set of lasers activated, which I don’t need to talk about anyways. There are guides for this anyways. Hope you enjoyed my guide, edit or comment if there’s any problems!

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Nice first guide! Looks pretty good! Two suggestions:
Remove the join code; they’re against the guidelines.
Ask the community for advice! Teamwork makes the dreamwork :grin:.


If you want any suggestions, I would suggest kinking out the middle body, making it thicker to look more realistic

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Nice guide!

Whoops, wrong post

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Thanks, there goes the entrance code! I guess I forgot that rule.