Help with medieval map

I’ve finished most of the game that I’m making, but the biggest issue is the map. I want it to be very detailed but I keep just going on people’s games and finding parts that I basically copy. Can somebody help me with my map?

Also the game is a quest game where all the people in the village went missing and you have to adventure into dungeons and fight bosses. (I’ve already completed that part)

I’ve already added a blacksmith, a marketplace, a harbor, mountains, and a few other things. I just need something to fill the empty space

maybe add a dragon using this guide? you could also add a forest on the edges of the village.
could you provide some pictures of what the map itself looks like? then i can know what you should add.

You could add some props, like a park bench, even the littlest details make the biggest impact.

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What about a pond? Or some ruins like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-19 7.16.58 AM


Add a fair amount of [1] we all love mystery.

  1. Corpses ↩︎

“Ruins and bones
War torn homes
Grass that was burned
How the tide has turned
We will all perish
Unless we relish
The moments we have.”-The Insomniac. Poetry urge. Sorry.


My poetry sucks lol

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i think that @THEHACKER120 sumed it up on what you should add

No poetry ‘sucks’ there is only art, and wild poetry. Mine is a mix of both…I wish to see yours.

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By : Butter_Fly

I baked a cake.It took a long time to bake.

I bought some frost.It was worth the cost.

I put on a cherrie.It will make them merry.

I put it on the table.It was very stable .

Oh dear heavens. Never mind. oof Cough Good job? Mir mir, do you want to be allies? With POET?

I found some of my random very old poetry. Be as judgemental as required.

(not being mean we could just move this my padlet)

Later, I will be on padlet this afternoon… On topic we go I love old speech.

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Yeah you do that… thanks for the help guys

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