How to Make the Front of a Castle

Note: this is only floors, use invisible barriers and such to create your own collision

That’s right, I’m making an art guide!
This uses terrain only.
Go to terrain and select dark scraps, this will be your wall. set layer to 2, and brush size to four.

Now make something like this:
(9 tiles tall)

The length doesn’t really matter, but the height does.
Now switch to layer 3, and make something like this:
(four tiles tall)

Switch brush size to 3 and layer to 4, and make this:
Now switch back to layer 3 and make this:

Now on layer 5 with a brush stroke of 1 make this:

Now on layer 4 make this:

Then switch to spaceship interior, layer 1, brush size 4 and do this:

Now make windows by erasing some terrain like this:

There! Now you have a beautiful castle!


Now done


Hold up

Now is done



I would use this for my game, but the castle walls will be different.

Nice job! Pretty cool!

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I am going to put this in my new map but I will make it out of the new terrain! btw I will give credit

BUMP because this is just a well detailed awsome guide.


Bump ,what does that mean again I forgot?

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Riving a guide that might have been forgotten about, to let people see. I believe so