Cool Ways to Use the Medieval Props

Hi! I just heard about the new props gimkit brought in from Don’t Look Down, so I decided to make a guide on some cool ways to use them! Just a note, this is my first post, so I hope that you enjoy it!

  1. Market

    For this, I used a lot of the medieval props to create different stands that sell specialized wares (crops, wooden items, metalworking, etc.) Some other ideas for these stands are book stands, plant stands, and chemical stands. If you don’t like these market stands, you can look at my friend’s guide (@VoidFluffy) on my alternative design for market stands.
  2. Shield + Armour display
    Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.00.02 PM
    To make this, I enlarged a gray stone barrier, “hung up” shields, and put an armor stand as well as a shield display in front. I’m so obsessed with the shield props and armor props that I had to make something with them!
  3. Town circus

    For this, I used the circus tent, a market stand/admissions stand, some flowers, and a whole lot of clutter. I don’t know why I did the corn, I guess they sell it as snacks :upside_down_face:
  4. Medival dining room

    This is very simple, but very cute to include in a home build in a kitchen or dining room. I used a handful of the new food props and the medieval chair and table props.
  5. Starships

    As soon as I saw these boat props, I knew I had to do this! (I know this isn’t a medieval prop, but it was in the update.) For the pole and rope, I used a parenthesis as the rope and a signpost for the pole.

I started this post a while ago, I’m very glad I finally finished it! If you liked this, please leave a heart and a comment <3 (I really hope you liked it lol I’m so nervous)


You literally have a different gim in every image…

it had the same name on all of them though

I play games with my friends a lot, and I like to change my gim to suit my mood and then I’m too lazy to change it afterward or before I work on creative :upside_down_face:


Great guide! I love the circus.

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This is really cool, nice job! Love the market.

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Great first guide, @smil.eface5! Keep making guides like this and you’ll be a member in no time.

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