Castle Brawl new thing I am making an ideas to add to it?

What should I add to this gim I am making to make it better

where is the gim, can we see it?

It is a work in progress

well we cant say how to improve it without knowing what it looks like

It is in a Medieval fighting scene

Medival? I’m making a medieval idea! Let’s see, multiple rooms in the castle, like bedrooms and blacksmiths and kitchens maybe you can use wands found in random places. Legendary supercharged one found in the king/queen’s desk?

How to supercharge items:

have you made the map, and decortions?

Yes I have made the map for this it is my first time

why dont you look at some of these guides:

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How to supercharge items:

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check out those guides that me and @Unit_72 sent, they should be helpful, and if you need more help just continue this topic

No you can walk into the Castle

Front lawn marketplace to buy shields and health? (In the form of med packs and shield cans?)

Yeah that is good idea I will add that

Knockout streak rewards, there is probably a guide about that somewhere

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