Quest Guide Part 1


Dedicated to @Thats_Gimpossible

So, you wanted to make a good quest in your game, right? Well, this is going to be my post that will teach you how to create and design questlines in your game. I will be using examples from @NavyCatZ and myself.

Good luck. I will be showing you complex, and easy quests starting with the easiest kind.

What is a Quest?

In many different games, a quest is a sort of task that you need to accomplish for a reward. For example, if I was playing a fishing game, a quest might be to bring the “quest giver” 15 of a type of fish. Maybe the reward could be 200 cash or a 2x fishing rarity bonus.

How Can You Create a Quest?

There are many devices you can use to create a quest. The game overlay device, the waypoint device, and the popup device.

Let’s get started.

The Quest:

In this game, we’ll make a simple quest where you talk to a sentry and it tells you to give it a log. You can exchange the log for a wooden wand.

Creating the Quest

Place down a zone where entities cannot use gadgets. Now, place a sentry in that zone. It should look like this:

Since the sentry is going to give the player a wooden wand as a reward for completing the quest, let’s make the sentry hold a wooden wand! The wooden wand doesn’t have to be any rarity, because the sentry will not shoot at the player.

Configure the weapon options in the settings by clicking on the sentry

Now, Let’s place a game overlay down. It should be a button in the bottom right corner that says “talk” on it.

The game overlay should not be visible on game start.

Place down a zone that’s a bit bigger than the one near the sentry, but not too large. Wire it to the game overlay, so that when the player enters the zone, it should show the overlay.

This is what your game should look like:
Pro tip: Since the sentry is holding a wooden wand, how about we change the appearance to a green evil plant?

Now, wire the game overlay to a popup. When the button is pressed, open the popup. The popup should be a banner and should say something like this:

At this point, you can use call-to-action buttons to act as word options. Make it so that one call-to-action button closes the popup or opens a different one, and another call-to-action button continues the normal quest or can sideline the quest too.

This may seem hard to understand, but one example can be seen here:


@mysz, I looked, it was going great! I don’t think you should give up!

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great start! this will turn out to be a great guide!

I second that!

Wow, this looks great!

i third that!!!

Yeah I had the same Idea
By the way you can make the button say “Talk to Merchant” or npc or whatever and then maybe he gives you a quest that says, "knockout “name of sentry” or “knockout 5 sentries” and when sentry knocked out, increment counter, then when target reached, grant item

Somebody might just then shoot the talking plant.

Then grant them like 10000000 health or something, and then make the respawn really short. In my npc thing, if you knockout Shawn the librarian, you get kicked out from the library for causing trouble and get fined money.
Edit:Also, all your trouble was for nothing too, since Shawn simply respawns in the next second too…



How dare someone shoot Shawn! They have caused such disturbance and trouble in the library.


Make it your team then or respawn them and to fine you money, make the item granter negative cash like -1 for example

Yeah, it that was a kind of dumb reply from me. (Take my brain. Put it in my guide.)

What do you mean??? @Dragontamer

My brain was exploding.

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Still WIP to this day…

tbh, this entire guide seems almost the exact same as my talking sentry guide

also you forgot to make the overlay go away when you leave the zone

It isn’t done. So far it just includes the sentry that gives you quests.

yes, i see it is wip and only part 1
but still,

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i jusr ran into the speed bump limit.

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