Help for a new game idea

I am looking for a top-down game to make. Anyone got any ideas?


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What do you feel like you can make the best?

I don’t really have a specific range of skills. I am pretty good at devices tho

Do you prefer shooters or minigames?

I don’t really have a preference.

Then let’s stick with minigames.
I’m think like a game hub where you can play different games. Some by yourself, and others with others.

I would rather do a main game more than one with many minigames.

Okay then. Solo or multiplayer?

here check out these guides, they have countless ideas for games ranging all over the place.

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Nice to see around the forum a bit more.

@WolfTechnology is right, guides have plenty to share.

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Yep. Quick note, check your mail

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Will do.[1]

  1. @MuffinHunter0823 that is very interesting, I’m in. ↩︎

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