Four Seasons, Four Lobbies: Ideas For Lobbies

These are a bunch of lobby ideas, if you’re stuck and need help. Let me know if I need to credit anyone! And, remember, I recommend putting a camera view restriction for the lobby.

  1. Green Green Green: Summer
    If you want a summery vibe, this is perfect for you. Get a bunch of colored sofas, turn off their collision, layer them to “Below Player”, and arrange them like this:

    I added a few floating bushes with ceramic plates with black tint and 0.30 opacity.
    Then, you can add a Bush bench (made by me).
    Screenshot 2023-11-01 4.35.54 PM
    A park bench with bushes on it. The bench and center-bottom bush have collision off. Just set the bushes’ settings to Shadow>None.
    Finished product (without devices bcz they look :sparkles: ugly :sparkles: :

  2. Warm Tone Leaf Land: Autumn
    Ah, Fall. What comes to mind? RED LEAF PILES. And HAY. If you’re a halloween fanatic, throw some spiders in there! Why not!
    The red Park Bench is perfect for this lobby (layer below players). Also, fall is HARVEST TIME so remember the pitchforks, shovels, and corn! (because it’s corn… a big lump of knobs.)
    Final result:

  3. Snow And Ice: Winter
    This is going to look similar to the Snowbrawl lobby area, but simpler. You’re going to want to use snow piles. A lot. But, make sure you turn the collision off! Also, igloos and snowy logs are a must. I like to make 3 igloos: one tiny, one normal, and one big.

  4. World of Flowers: Spring
    For Spring, I like to use flowers for little gardens. A pond is also a cute addition, with little buckets of fish next to them. Flowerpots lining a border- just something that looks pretty. Add whatever you want inside the pond.

Those were the four seasons’ lobbies! Feel free to use them whenever you want!


Nice guide! I love the creativity of the benches and floating bushes!

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Nice guide!

I see those floating bushes and I’m like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT how did they do that anyways….

nice guide of the lobbies!

i thought the floating bushes was worse i think i see floating SNOW PILES

Haha lol- I didn’t think there would be this much of a reaction to the floating stuff

Nice guide!

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I like how the snowman is just popping out above the igloo

AMAZING guide, Molly/GimSentryRobot5! I would delete the smaller bushes in the middle when making rows of bush benches. Also, could I use this in a post? I would credit you, of course.

Nice lobbies! It would be cool if you could travel between the four pre game with teleporters!


Sure Maddy. You can use it as long as u credit me, thanks

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I saw someone bump there head on this AWSOME post!

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that would be cool! That format doesn’t even have to be for the 4 seasons, just travel between pre-game lobbies because teleporters work in pre-game