How do you make a lobby in game?

I’ve been wondering for a while if I could make a lobby for my new game, and I’d also like some school like art to go with it. Could you guys help me?


Check out these guides:
How to make a good lobby
How to Make a Lobby
Four Seasons, Four Lobbies: Ideas For Lobbies

You could also make a pre-game tutorial with this guide:

my friend @Astro-123 is pro at doing it

Make a Lobby, and put a spawn pad in the middle (team 60) then on game start, send all players to team 60, they will spawn at the teleporter, Then split up teams and send players to their spawn pads when the host decides to start the game


To make a good lobby, you would want to make some instructions in a neat format, make it like gimkit does it. Use emojis and a bit of in-game visible devices as well.

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