Escape (Something) map ideas (reply with ideas) [WIP]

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Any ideas that has something to do with this topic, and is not already on this page.

  • Some ideas about devices for the map
  • Terrain
Escape the Lab

Terrain: Any for the lab floors, maybe metallic
Props: anything Infected, Blue chemical, broken glass, Alien plants, Chemical tubes, Space bed (Put a spawn pad under them so it looks like you’re waking up in a lab)
Devices: Use sentries in every room as an obstacle,(make some of them stronger and some weaker) Knockout manager and team switcher, (To change the players to spectate when they die) Inventory devices, item givers.

Prison Escape

Terrain: Concrete, light scraps, marble stone, and metallic
Props: Cardboard box, ground hay, bed.
Devices: Sentries, hide an item spawner under a barrel or something, secret teleporters and vents, zones and texts.


Terrain: Concrete, Marble stone, Light scraps, Speckled gray.
Props: Anvil, Armor Display, Barrels, Shields, Coal, Circus tent, Market stand, Masher, Medieval banner.

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