Explaining Difficult Concepts and Guides

So, I can’t explain some of them, but the point of this is that some concepts really aren’t that hard, and have been said to be “very hard.” Newer Gims could use this despite this really being a summary of different concepts.

I know some of these are opinion-based, but I feel like these don’t quite deserve the :purple_square: difficulty once you really think about it.

1). Advanced Update Order (AUO)

This isn’t quite as hard as it’s made to be. Basically, the order you place wires actually mean something. The wires placed first are prioritized first, while the latter wires run second in a chain of devices.

Put simply, this:

I know I might’ve missed some parts, but that’s the part about wires. So, in the comments, don’t say “hey you missed something right there” because I was talking about wires, not block code, etc.

2). Scope
Known as one of the hardest concepts to understand, it’s also one the most important. However, it’s not too difficult, as mysz said here:

Me neither. But now, this is scope:
Scope means the targeted audience. So, if the scope of a barrier being deactivated is “player,” then the barrier will be open for that player, and the others will have to open the barrier themselves. “Global” is the default, and using the barrier example, when it’s closed, it’s closed for everyone. For “team,” let’s say Team 2 opens the barrier. So, they opened the barrier and Team 1 can’t piggyback off of them. Stop being lazy, Team 1!

Also, scope is an extremely important concept, so you better understand it.

If you still don’t understand scope, here are a couple of guides:

3). _____land
_____land (also pronounced PiLand) is a game you can make. Apparently, it’s like Snakes and Ladders, but here is the guide:

It’s difficult to make, but you can just copy what ClicClac does. Also, there is a hefty bit of repetition when building some of the parts.

Note: If I recall correctly, ClicClac wanted to make a part two, so I’ll be on the lookout for that.

4). Keyboard

Don’t do anything there. Even if the creator is banned permanently, it is still the wishes of the creator and you should respect it.

The reason why the above message is posted is because it is “deleted.” And the reason why was because it was hard. However, it was actually just a lot of repetition, which is the reason why it’s on this list. It’s NOT HARD. There’s just a ton of repetition.

5). Concatenation

Concatenation isn’t that hard of a topic; as stated by Zypheir:

Zypheir's quote; in a hidebox because it's LONG

As Zypheir said, concatenation is using existing patterns to simplify block code. If I’m being honest, and remember that this is JUST MY OPINION, it’s harder to spell than to do.*

*You do NOT know how many times I tried to spell concatenation correctly in this section… (that’s why it’s SHORT)

6). Backspace Button

After skimming and reading through it, I found some repetition with renaming. I found the thing difficult isn’t copying+pasting everything (which is a pain and must be why so many people found it hard), but rather understanding why everything’s there.*

*This problem is apparent in many guides, even my own guides despite attempts to break the norm (in my basic and advanced biome building guides).

7). Animation
These are a couple of animation guides I found:

Well, most people consider it hard because it’s a buttload of repetition and that’s painful. Yeah, that’s almost all there’s to it. So many guides are listed at :yellow_square:, :orange_square:, heck, even :red_square: because of repetition.

8). Zone Render Distance

As requested by Grey_Stone, here it is! The Zone Render Distance theory, or ZDR, is a “bug” that occurs when you teleport out of a zone and the effects get carried with you.

Is there anything I missed? If yes, please tell me.

My name is (lol you actually thought lol), and thanks for coming to my GimTalk.

Disclaimer: This guide does not include any real-life names. So, please do not report me for that.

Here's a good quote by ClicClac about difficulty levels back in the forum's starting days/magnum opus (for some people) compared to the difficulty perspective nowadays.

This single quote can basically delete the past difficulty rating systems and much more than just a sting of words… in order words, it’s powerful when the community moves too fast.


can a tl3 turn this into wiki?

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TL3 can only make their own posts wiki.
You can message the mods, but don’t forget to add a reason!

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Could you link these two guides in the scope part?

Not the post, both of the guides.
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Here it is… the final nail in the coffin of my magnum opus…

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This is about concepts though. Plus, that guide is very easy to follow, it’s just not as easy to fully understand, which isn’t something you need to build it.


It’s not you… it’s just the general skill of the community moving far beyond _____Land’s difficulty, and people making numerous arguments that it should be :purple_square:,:red_square: or even :orange_square: instead of :black_large_square:.


hang on, where did the keyboard guide where the creator tried to delete it go?

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It turned into [Deleted Guide.]
You can view it as the featured topic on @Apoll02’s profile

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No it’s real complicated and super cool and while I don’t understand it, I think it’s amazing.


It’s in his profile. Don’t do anything with it though, since it’s supposed to be “deleted”


Thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to me.


I would love to have the skill level to make something that good.


June was the time where the skill level of the upper-community was moving fast. July was the dead period. August was when the new users joined and most didn’t know… basically any concepts. But in September and October, the skill level of the new users has been rapidly increasing, AND the skill level of the general community has also been increasing. That guide for June was definitely black difficulty. If only we could maintain our rating system for longer than a few months…


Nice guide! This will help new Gims understand it better.


Great job! This is pretty cool!

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I am soon going to make the backspace guide about 2x more memory efficient, and it should get a bunch easier. Also, do you think that the zone rendering theory could fit on there as well? Link: here.

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lemme read it first and i’ll see