Can anyone help me make a randomizer?

I need a randomizer for a chest in my game. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Search up guides for loot tables.

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Try these guides, all should help you make a randomizer, some are easier than others.

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thanks :slight_smile: That will help.

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I am good at making randomizers, and I would love to know what you need this randomizer for so that I maybe could incorporate it in my map.

I need it for a capture-the-flag battle royale style map. It has players going to different islands to get gear and capture enemy’s flags


They said it in there topic post.

I can help… @KingT-Race you stole my line!

If you would like people to help you by joining you game @BananaBoi345, you can go on the WIX and post a code there.

Back so does that help or do you need more help?

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Use my randomizer here and change the broadcasting to channels that will go to grant certain items and certain amount…like one would be grant 20 cash one a zapper…one 50 cash, etc… if this does not help then please specify more and I can give screenshots on how to do it…

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