How to make a randomized door opener (🟩)

This is a guide showing Gimkit users how to make a randomized door opener!

You will need:

  1. Button (1)
  2. Trigger (As many as you have doors)
  3. Barriers/Props [To act as the doors] (As many as you want!)

[DISCLAIMER: In this tutorial, we will be working with 3 doors.]

First, make a contraption like this:
Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 4.36.34 PM
(Make sure the trigger cannot be visible in game or be triggered by collision)

Go into the trigger and select blocks. Make a setup like this:

You can add as many random integers as you want, to mach the number of doors. Just make sure you have it set up correctly.

Next add your other triggers and make sure they get triggered when they recieve channel R1, R2 and R3

Add more triggers if you want to have more doors, but make sure that they are continuing after R3.

Add your barriers/props (Preferably in a small size so they are easier to work with. You can reshape them later).

By now you should have a setup similar to this.

Next connect wires from your triggers to your barriers/props (This will look messy!).

How to do it:

  1. Take one of your triggers and make it deactivate ONE of the barriers/props
  2. make the trigger deactivate the rest.
  3. repeat this for all of the triggers (make sure that no two triggers are deactivating the same barrier, unless you want that barrier a higher chance of opening.)

It should look like this:

Now try it out! If set up correctly, each time you press the button, one of the barriers will deactivate, and the others will activate. Congrats! You are most of the way there!

Finally, shape the barriers into whatever way you like, and create a fun level with them!

Take one more trigger and put it anywhere.
Make the trigger delayed (optional time. At least 1 second)
put a wire repeater next to the trigger and hook. it up
make all the other triggers connect to the wire repeater
make the delayed trigger connect to ALL of the doors and make them ACTIVATE.
Now your doors will automatically close!

My final product looked like this:

(had to make the barriers smaller so they would all show.)

Congratulations! You have made it all the way! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you have a useful way to implement it into a cool game!


nice guide @razer!

Nice guide, @Razer! Maybe add a poll for the difficulty?

  • 0/10 or :white_large_square:
  • 1/10 or :blue_square:
  • 2/10 or :green_square:
  • 3/10 or :green_square:
  • 4/10 or :yellow_square:
  • 5/10 or :yellow_square:
  • 6/10 or :orange_square:
  • 7/10 or :orange_square:
  • 8/10 or :red_square:
  • 9/10 or :red_square:
  • 10/10 or :purple_square:
  • 11/10 or :black_large_square:
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Nice Guide! You could simplify some of the block with concatenation, though:
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jo1n text:

Nice guide! Haven’t seen you on in a while!

Picture in one second

sure! (I just don’t know how to make polls -_-)

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When you make a post/comment, there is a bar above the typing area with little icons. Click on the gear and it will give you the option to make a poll

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Concatenation (not tested):


Great guide though! lol

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Should work

ah. I don’t know how to use some of the blocks though. Is there a tutorial?

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This was made back then when I sucked (and I still do, but not as much), so I treated concatenation like something completely new (it wasn’t).

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i don’t think you sucked back then, or now. I feel like you’ve accomplished some pretty amazing stuff, like farmers quest, which took up 99% memory.

where’s that

I don’t think you’ve ever sucked

That’s a game mysz made

I mean, Farmers’ Quest was made with pretty basic mechanics.

Also, can someone make a guide for The art of recursion?

Is there a guide for it?